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Should I just diet and exercise more? Isn’t liposuction taking the easy way out? Many of our patients come to us asking these questions. Even though they are conscious of their diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle, they still feel like they are “cheating” when considering liposuction. Dr. Alexander feels that if diet and exercise alone can help achieve the results you are looking for then by all means continue doing these things. If, however, you have areas of your body that are diet and exercise resistant, then looking into liposuction is a valid choice.


We’ve had patients who were diligent in watching what they eat and getting plenty of exercise but still could not sculpt certain areas of their bodies. One patient was a spin instructor. She taught classes 5-6 days a week, had an excellent diet and had maintained a stable weight for years. She exercised for a living! Even with all of these great lifestyle choices, she wasn’t happy with the extra stubborn fatty tissue around her waist and on her hips and thighs. She was a great candidate for liposuction to help sculpt those problem areas which can often be due to genetics. Her expectations were realistic and we were not performing the surgery for weight loss, just to help contour. She did great and finally felt that now her body was reflecting all the hard work she was putting into it.

If this sounds like you, get more information on body contouring procedures and do your homework! The best doctor to perform liposuction is a board certified plastic surgeon. Body contouring surgery is not taking the easy way out, it’s one more step to achieving the body you work so hard for.

Do you remember the 1993 movie with Bill Murray? If you do, then you know that he every morning he wakes up and the same thing happens over and over again. He’s desperate for his day to turn out differently but instead he does and says the same thing every day.

So be honest, how many Groundhogs Days do you have in front of the mirror? You know what I mean, frowning at the same thigh bulges or face wrinkles or whatever it is that you’ve decided is unattractive. We do this day after day after day. It can even alter our mood, what we wear and how we present ourselves to the world.

BlogPhoto2There are really only two options to stopping your own Groundhogs Day: First, you can just stop the self-criticizing. So what if you have (fill in the blank). We all have something. Accept it and move on. I know this is easier said than done but really, why make ourselves crazy?

Second, you can do something about it. Maybe this is something you can achieve through diet and/or exercise. If so, do it! Do it now! Why wait? Don’t be in this same place six months or a year from now.

If diet and/or exercise can’t fix what’s bothering you, then start researching cosmetic surgery. It is amazing how many times a patient comes in, finds out they are a great candidate for their chosen procedure, has it done and NEVER thinks about it again (except for how happy they are that they FINALLY did it). We hear from husbands after their wives have surgery and they gush “she never keeps me waiting to get ready anymore, she’s so happy with how she looks”. Patients will tell us after nasal reshaping “I don’t avoid mirrors or having my picture taken anymore. It never crosses my mind to hide my profile”.

If you are okay with that nagging, destructive and annoying self-criticizing exercise in front of the mirror every morning, then by all means keep living your own personal Groundhogs Day. But if you’re ready for your life to resemble a different movie outcome, we’re here to help.

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Why is 10 years the magic number we keep hearing when talking about breast implants? Conventional wisdom in plastic surgery is that breast implants typically last about 10 years. Does that mean every woman’s implants suddenly rupture or deflate on their 10 year anniversary? Of course not! Breast implants are like any other medical devices; they’re man-made and will eventually “wear out”. Some women will keep their implants in for much longer without any problems.

However, conventional wisdom also warns that if something’s not broke, don’t fix it. If your implants feel great and look great, wonderful! You can leave them alone and not worry about them. But, if over time, you’ve developed some firmness or hardness or the shape has changed, then something very well could be happening to, or around, your implant that deserves a discussion with a plastic surgeon.

Of course, the most common reason women have breast implants exchanged is for purely cosmetic reasons; to change the size, to fill up extra skin after weight changes and/or pregnancy or to change from saline to the newer cohesive gel silicone implants.

Dr. Alexander’s approach to discussing Breast Implant Exchange surgery is to listen to what you would like to achieve with another surgery, what you like or want to change about your current implants and then make recommendations that are unique for you. If your implants are 10 years old, then it is worth noting that there are more options available today than were available 10 years ago. Now we have numerous shapes and styles of implants to choose from and in addition the new soft-solid cohesive gel implants which patients tell us feel more natural.

Whether or not you fall into any of the above scenarios, we welcome you to contact our office and ask questions or schedule an appointment to meet personally with Dr. Alexander to discuss your unique circumstances. Let’s find out if 10 is your magic number.







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Understanding breast anatomy is crucial for a plastic surgeon to perform breast surgery, but also beneficial for the patient. Dr. Alexander reviews your anatomy at your consultation and also shows you the structures on the inside of your breasts in a diagram to help you understand more about your breast surgery. He has found that knowing more about your body and how it works serves as a good communication tool to help you make safe and sound surgery choices.

The breast is a common name for the complete mammary structure. There are a multiple tissue types such as the nipple, areola, cooper’s ligaments, connective tissue, mammary glands and fat which combine to form the breast mound. The mound and the lower chest wall are separated by an inframammary fold, also known as the crease below your breast. The nipple area is particularly full of nerves and blood vessels. Mammary glands produce and distribute breast milk to the nipple during pregnancy and throughout nursing. Breasts feature a high fat content and may grow or shrink from weight gain or loss. Just as your fingerprints are different than any other human, your breasts are unique to you as well.

In the early years of humans, breasts were a mark of fertile women, and were the primary source of nourishment for infants. In addition to life and motherhood, they now symbolize societal factor influencing fashion, social standing, and body image. With the advancements in cosmetic plastic surgery humans now have a say and choice to how they want their body to look and portray their inner beauty. Dr. Alexander specializes in an array of breast surgies including breast augmentation, breastlift, breast reduction, and implant exchange operations. Together with his experience and talent, Dr. Alexander can accomidate all of your bigger, smaller, perkier desires to help you feel like the beautiful person you are inside and out!!

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