Plastic Surgery After Childbirth

Wednesday, December 5th, 2012, 1:24 am

Pregnancy can do a number to a woman’s body especially in the breast and abdominal area. A growing number of women are undergoing mommy makeovers, a combination of cosmetic procedures, to help regain their pre-pregnancy confidence and figures.

As the baby grows, so does the abdomen. This may result in a weakening and separation of the abdominal muscles, and stretching of the abdominal skin. Many new moms do lose the excess weight they gained during pregnancy. Unfortunately, the weight is usually not lost proportionally. That means for some, more weight may be lost from the breasts or buttocks than the abdomen and waist. A mommy make over can help reverse these effects.

Post pregnancy body restoration can include breast enhancement to increase volume or restore shape, and/or body contouring procedures to help remove excess skin or stubborn fatty areas around the waist. Dr. Alexander can provide you with all the latest surgical options including breast augmentation, lift, abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and liposuction in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada. Enjoy the benefits of having the positive self-image and happiness that comes with the Mommy Makeover and being a new mommy.

Cosmetic surgery can help patients rejuvenate their bodies after pregnancy, weight changes and natural aging. For patients who feel self-conscious due to their appearance, surgery can also help regain confidence and improve self-image. Contact Las Vegas mommy makeover plastic surgeon, Dr. Alexander, for a consultation appointment today! 702-242-6776

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