Common Facial Aging Questions & Answers

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012, 7:00 am

Q: My skin is becoming blotchy, is there a way to a achieve more even skin complexion?

A: There are many ways to try and improve skin complexion. Depending on doctor and specialty you will hear of peels, lasers, and creams. Dr. Alexander has found that his patients who have started the OBAGI Nu-Derm System have achieved great results. The product uses a series of prescription grade ingredients that are designed to get down into the living tissues of the facial skin promoting new cell growth and higher cell turnover rate resulting in a more even skin texture and complexion.

Q: The corners of my mouth droop down and make me look as if I am frowning when I am not. Is there a way to fix that?

A: Depending on multiple factors such how much excess skin, age and elasticity, there are a couple options. A younger patient may appreciate treatment using injectable facial fillers. Fillers may provide temporary fullness to the facial areas that lost volume over time. A more permanent solution would be facelift surgery. Facelift surgery provides enhancement to the facial skin in the lower third portion of the face (from about cheek bone to neck). Although this procedure is more permanent, it does require more down time and aftercare.

The best way to find what is best for you is to meet with Dr. Alexander personally at a consultation appointment in his Las Vegas practice! Contact us at 702-242-6776 to assist with your facial needs!

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