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3 Surgeries You Should Consider Combining With Your Facelift

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Facelift surgery is one of the most transformative and effective plastic surgery procedures available to both men and women. Not only are you able to get rid of excess and sagging skin (which can severely detract from your facial aesthetic), but your skin is tightened to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines to give you a more youthful face. 

 Young woman with surgical marks on her entire face

However, many people have the misunderstanding that a facelift can address issues with the entire face. Instead, a facelift only works to correct wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin on the lower two-thirds of the face. 

So, if you are looking to have corrections on the upper third, you will need to combine your facelift with other procedures. 

Below, you will find information on the three most popular and effective cosmetic procedures for the face that compliment facelift surgery.

Why Combine Procedures?

As mentioned above, a facelift only addresses the mid to lower portions of your face (from the cheeks to the neck). 

So, if you want to give yourself a complete facial rejuvenation with cosmetic surgery, then you will need to combine two or more procedures. 

You can think of it this way: you wouldn’t want to only paint half of your house, right? Doing so would create an imbalance and distraction. The same can be said about only having a facelift. 

While the middle and lower portions of your face will look contoured and fresh, the upper portion will still have a worn and tired appearance that can make you look old and worn down. 

If you are wondering how to give yourself a complete and dramatic facial transformation, then these are two procedures you may want to consider combining with your facelift and one that you can do at a later date:

1. Brow Lift (Forehead Lift)

Brow lift surgery (also called forehead lift surgery) addresses sagging eyebrow skin and wrinkles and fine lines that develop on the forehead. These forehead creases can be the result of age or lifestyle (such as being out in the sun and squinting). 

With this procedure, you can achieve smoother forehead skin as well as raised eyebrows that will help you look more awake.

For this procedure, your plastic surgeon will traditionally make an incision just behind your hairline at the top of your head. This allows the incision and resulting scar to be hidden. 

Any facial tissue or muscles (especially in your eyebrows) can be repositioned. Excess skin is surgically removed, and the remaining forehead skin is tightened to give you a more youthful and smoother appearance.

2. Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty) was the second most performed cosmetic surgical procedure performed in 2020. And when you see the dynamic results, it’s easy to understand why.

You can choose to have upper blepharoplasty to correct sagging eyelid skin (which can make you look older than you are and can even obstruct your vision), lower blepharoplasty to help correct bags under the eyes as well as the presence of wrinkles, or both upper and lower eyelid surgery. 

Depending on the type of eyelid surgery you are having, your plastic surgeon will make incisions in either the natural creases of your upper eyelid or just below your lower eyelashes. 

Excess skin is surgically removed and/or the muscles are tightened to give you a smoother, more natural appearance that can help your eyes shine through.

Mature women with lines identifying different areas for facial rejuvenation surgery.

3. Rhinoplasty

The nose is the most prominent feature on our face. It is the first thing we tend to notice when we look at other people’s faces, which means it is the first thing other people notice about us. 

This can be problematic if you suffer from any cosmetic issues with your nose, including a bent nose (either biologically or from a previous injury), a nose that is too big or too small for your face, or a nose that is misshapen in any way (humps on the bridge of the nose or a nasal tip that droops).Rhinoplasty (corrective nose surgery) is a procedure that corrects any cosmetic frustrations you have with your nose. 

There are two surgical options for rhinoplasty: open rhinoplasty, where the incision is made at the tip of your nose to allow your plastic surgeon to clearly see and correct whatever the issue may be; and closed rhinoplasty, where the incision is made within your nostril. With closed rhinoplasty, there is no visible scar, but it does limit the amount of visibility your plastic surgeon has when making the necessary corrections. 

Rhinoplasty is best performed separately from a facelift. Discuss with Dr. Alexander if your rhinoplasty should be performed before, or after, your facelift procedure.

What Other Procedures Can Be Combined With Your Facelift?

While the surgical procedures discussed above are all fantastic options to combine with your facelift surgery, there are non-surgical options that can help give you the added improvement that you may desire. 

One of the most common and effective non-surgical treatments to add to your facelift is BOTOX® Cosmetic

This injectable treatment helps to get rid of dynamic wrinkles in the face that may not be addressed by facelift surgery (especially if they are in the upper portion of the face). 

Dynamic wrinkles are wrinkles that form due to consistent muscle contractions (such as squinting). BOTOX® Cosmetic is injected directly into the muscle. The solution relaxes the muscle, preventing the nerves from sending signals to the brain. This keeps the muscle from contracting, which means that dynamic muscles will not be present. 

By combining an injectable treatment like BOTOX® Cosmetic to your facelift, you can achieve the total facial transformation that you desire so that you can look and feel your very best!

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