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5 Reasons for a Winter Surgery

The 5 Top Reasons to have Cosmetic Surgery in the Winter

You can be Under Cover!  The cooler winter weather in November and December provide the perfect “cover” to your cosmetic surgery.  The sweaters and clothing layers we wear often hide swelling or new additions to our body that we aren’t quite ready to reveal yet.  Take the opportunity to use the cooler weather and extra clothing to keep your surgery “under cover” until the warmer weather comes around and you are ready to reveal your new look.

Reinforcements!  Friends and family are often visiting around the holidays and that means you will have HELP!!  These are potential “nurses” for you while you are recovering and extra help with the kids to distract them or take over some mom-duties.  Moms can’t do everything while they’re healing and having some extra hands can make a big difference in the first week or two after surgery.

Winter Wedding Pool Season Help with Kids Cosmetic SurgeryWeddings!  Wedding season is around the corner. If your wedding date is in the spring, consider getting your surgery in November and December.  You want to make sure you have plenty of time to heal before you have that final dress fitting.  Whether liposuction has helped slim your figure or your cleavage has increased from a breast augmentation, you will want the dress to fit perfectly on your big day.

Two Weeks Off!  Teachers, moms and college students have a winter break around the holidays.  Having two weeks off can be the ideal amount of time to recuperate after a surgery. Take advantage of this time off to have the surgery you’ve been thinking about.

Pool season starts EARLY in Vegas!  That’s right.  We are in the pools in March.  Don’t wait too close to that time or you will miss out on those pool openings.  Schedule your breast augmentation or body contouring surgery in November or December to make sure you are pool ready when the time comes.

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