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Beat the Sagging Saga

As women age, the upper part of the breast loses volume and skin elasticity. The combination of the two may result in breasts that appear slack and cleavage that is less full. We all known we can’t stop the hands of time, but how can we beat the sagging saga?

If you’re still in your younger years, rethink the way you wear your bra. Most of us think that if a bra feels comfortable (and looks fashionable) then it must be a good fit. A good bra acts as the foundation for a good-looking chest. Finding a bra that fits properly can make your breasts look that much better, giving you the comfort you need and the support to make them stay perky. A good healthy and balanced diet will also enhance your skins nutrients in hopes to gain a few years of elasticity. However, inevitable genetics and life factors may alter your plan.

Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Alexander, specializes in surgical breast enhancement procedures. The specific type of breast surgery will depend on your anatomy and the degree of ptosis (sagging). Patients who experience minimal sagging and a loss of upper pole fullness may find that adding some extra volume with an implant may be a better option than a lift procedure.

We welcome you to browse through our photo gallery of before and after pictures. Find someone similar to you? Print it out. A photo can be a good communication tool between you and the doctor. Contact Dr. Alexander & Co. to schedule your consultation appointment!

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