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The Benefits of Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery has helped numerous women live healthier and happier lives. Overly large breasts can be detrimental to a woman’s quality of life by affecting both her mental and physical wellness. This procedure removes excess breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin to produce smaller, lighter, and more comfortably sized breasts. This safe and effective procedure provides many benefits that significantly enhances their lives.

Usually Reduces or Eliminates Shoulder, Back, and Neck Pain

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The weight of overly large breasts can strain the muscles in the shoulders, neck, and back and lead to a great deal of physical pain. As the breasts are reduced, this weight is lifted off the woman’s shoulders to minimize any pain caused by the heaviness of the breasts. Breast reduction surgery may also prevent progression of shoulder strap grooving caused by the weight of overly large breasts.

Allows for an Active Lifestyle

Overly large breasts often impair a woman’s ability to engage in physical activities. Some exercises and sports, such as those that involve running or jumping, are considered “off limits” by these women because of the force they put on the breasts. Large, pendulous breasts can also make it difficult to perform these types of activities because of their excess weight, and their size can even get in the way of a woman performing to the best of her abilities. Breast reduction surgery allows women to exercise and participate in activities for a healthy lifestyle.

Reduces Emotional Discomfort and Improves Confidence

Breast reduction surgery helps these women become more confident in their bodies and more outgoing by reducing the emotional issues caused by overly large breasts.

If you’re interested in breast reduction surgery and the many benefits it provides, please call (702) 242-6776 or fill out our online consultation request to get started. Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. George Alexander, has helped countless women achieve breasts that help them live happier, more fulfilled lives.

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