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Breast reduction or bariatric surgery: Which procedure to have first?

Cosmetic plastic surgery and bariatric surgery have a similar goal. Both procedures include making enhancements to one’s appearance and improve self-esteem. A patient who undergoes bariatric surgery typically loses a large amount of weight. Many patients feel good about the change in their weight, but are not very pleased with their new figure. It is recommended by Dr. Alexander for a patient to be within 15 to 20 pounds within their ideal weight goal before performing any body contouring, or reduction procedures. Per that recommendation, if you were considering both a breast reduction and a bariatric procedure, he would probably suggest the bariatric surgery first (individual circumstances vary). A new published study also reveals that the order in which these two surgeries are performed may improve the end result.

Researchers from the University of Rochester Medical Center analyzed how satisfied 29 obese women were with their breast appearance. Of those women, 15 underwent breast reduction surgery before massive weight loss and 14 did not have breast reduction surgery before losing a lot of weight. All of the women who underwent breast reduction surgery thought their breasts looked better after the breast reduction procedure. However, the women who lost weight due to bariatric surgery or other methods after breast surgery found that their breasts changed in shape or decreased further in size and desired further enhancement. This is usually due to the decrease fat that naturally lives in the breast area.

An individual may not necessarily need bariatric surgery in order to be a candidate for breast reduction. A woman may be interested in a breast reduction if she experiences heavy / pendulous breasts, asymmetry, shoulder grooving, neck or back pain. Some doctors say that in some cases, women might undergo breast reduction surgery before losing weight in order to ease back, neck and shoulder pain that is often related with large breasts and to aid in their weight loss goals by increasing their ability to exercise.

Breast reduction surgery can improve the size and shape of the breasts. Visit Las Vegas board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. George Alexander, for a consultation appointment to find out what procedures are best for you. Contact Dr. Alexander & Co. at 702-242-6776.

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