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Can I Have a Mammogram With Breast Implants?

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Many women with breast implants wonder if they can still undergo routine mammograms, or if their implants will make it impossible to detect potential problems. 

The answer to this question is a simple and emphatic YES!

Illustration of a mammogram screening facility.

Mammograms are the most commonly used form of imaging to detect breast cancer early, and they are essential for all women, regardless of whether they have breast implants. 

However, there are some things women who are considering or have undergone breast augmentation should know.

What Women With Breast Implants Need to Know About Mammograms

It’s essential to inform the mammogram technician about your implants before the screening begins. Mentioning this when you schedule your appointment and again when you arrive is ideal. 

Implants do pose a bit of a challenge for doctors when trying to visualize breast tissue near your implants on the mammogram. This is why extra images are taken during a screening mammogram when breast implants are involved. 

These additional views require extra breast manipulation and can sometimes be uncomfortable. 

*Breast implants placed under the muscles may make obtaining these images easier.

Again, making your mammogram technician aware of your implants is vital and lets them know to get the extra images. 

While it’s highly unlikely to experience a breast implant rupture during a mammogram, choosing a facility that regularly screens women with implants can reduce the chances of this rare complication.

Mammogram Guidelines for Those at Average and High Risk 

Having implants won’t change a woman’s need to follow the newest breast imaging guidelines. Check with your primary care or gynecology provider to see when you should have your first mammogram and the appropriate frequency of mammograms for you.

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