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Category: Breast Augmentation

Don’t Burn Your Bra Yet

After performing thousands of breast implant surgeries over two decades, Dr. Alexander has realized the importance of wearing a surgical bra during the early healing period after breast implant surgery. As you can imagine, a surgical garment is not going to be a fashion statement.  However the benefits of a proper fitting surgical bra can […]

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Is 10 the Magic Number?

Why is 10 years the magic number we keep hearing when talking about breast implants? Conventional wisdom in plastic surgery is that breast implants typically last about 10 years. Does that mean every woman’s implants suddenly rupture or deflate on their 10 year anniversary? Of course not! Breast implants are like any other medical devices; […]

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What Is the Most Common Breast Size?

Since 1983, the average cup size has gone from a 34B to 34DD. With nearly 300,000 breast augmentation procedures performed in 2013, the desire to increase the size of the breasts does not look like it will be fading any time soon. Although breast augmentation surgery may seem like the most common reason for the […]

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The Best Use of Your Tax Refund Check…Breast Augmentation!

Since April 15th has just passed, you’re likely waiting for your tax refund check or wondering what you should do with your extra cash. In the past, you’ve probably used your refund to go on a weekend getaway or spent it on items, such as clothing that you probably don’t wear anymore. This year, why […]

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