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3 Reasons why Dr. Alexander may just be the best choice for Botox

Dr. Alexander understands the aesthetics of our face and the underlying anatomy in a way that an experienced board certified plastic surgeon can. After successfully achieving natural and refreshed facial plastic surgery results on patients for 20 years, he understands the nuances of our facial structures in a unique way. Dr. Alexander approaches Botox injection […]

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Is there really a difference between Plastic Surgeons?  I was asked this question the other day and to me it’s such an obvious answer; YES, YES and YES! As a plastic surgery coordinator for Dr. George Alexander, I speak to patients all day long who are considering cosmetic plastic surgery. Of course for patients, the […]

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Las Vegas Life (June 2006)

GEORGE JOHN ALEXANDER, MD, FACS Dr. George John Alexander is a board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon. He is certified by the American Board of Surgery and the National Board of Medical Examiners. He has close to 20 years of surgical experience. He specializes in procedures that enable men and women to achieve a more attractive and […]

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Xquisite Magazine (Spring 2006)

ASK THE DOCTOR One of Las Vegas’ premier plastic surgeons, Dr. George John Alexander is a board-certified plastic and cosmetic surgeon. He is board certified by the American Board of Surgery and the National Board of Medical Examiners. Founder and former Chief of Plastic Surgery at Mike O’Callaghan Federal Hospital, Dr. Alexander is the current Chief of […]

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