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Who makes the best facelift candidates?

  There are countless options to help combat the common signs of aging, such as over the counter applications, in office injectables, or facial plastic surgery. The Facelift procedure is a popular surgery that is highly individualized to each patient’s anatomy and goals. Physical characteristics can make men or woman a better candidate for Facelift […]

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Am I too Young for a Facelift?

Am I too young for a Facelift surgery? Dr. George Alexander answers this common question in our Q&A series. Are you considering a Facial Rejuvenation? Is the skin in your neck or lower face loose? Do this make you look tired or older than you feel?  Modern advances in facial surgery make it a common […]

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Nevada Woman (January/February 2004)

THREE WOMEN SHARE THEIR PLASTIC SURGERY EXPERIENCES Dr. George Alexander and patient counselor Anita guide patients to a renewed self-image and improved self-confidence. Three Las Vegas women found that by visiting one of Las Vegas’ premier plastic surgeons, Dr. George Alexander, they were given the education they needed to make a sound choice. At his […]

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Nevada Woman (September/October 2003)

“REFLECTIONS THREE LIVES CHANGED WITH COSMETIC SURGERY” A woman who’s confident radiates vibrant energy. Yet when the mirror no longer reflects the person she wants to be, her self-esteem falters. Three women who wanted to improve their appearance consulted one of Las Vegas’ premier plastic and cosmetic surgeons, Dr. George Alexander. That decision changed their […]

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