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Category: Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation When You Want It

Aging, lifestyle, and genetics all play a role in how we look. Not everyone will start showing signs of aging at the same time, which is why some patients seek facial rejuvenation at the age of 50, and some seek it at 35. There is no set age for facial rejuvenation, as aging affects everyone […]

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“Facial” Profiling Reveals Who You Are, or Does it?

First impressions are crucial to everyday interactions. On a job interview, you want your potential new boss to recognize your strong work ethic and positive attitude. On a date, you want your best qualities, like your friendly nature, to be revealed. A key factor in making a great first impression, as noted by research, is […]

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Plastic Surgery News: World’s First Full Facial Transplant a Success!

Plastic surgery isn’t simply designed to make people feel better about their appearances when there’s something about themselves physically they feel needs enhancing; it can change lives. Facial reconstructive surgery helps patients who have suffered a severe trauma or genetic disfigurement that has altered the overall structure of their face. These individuals don’t just look […]

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Las Vegas Magazine (May/June 2000)

Sixty-four-year-old Sean Harris didn’t like what he saw when he looked in the mirror. “I had a turkey neck and long unattractive jowls,” he says. “As you age, you no longer look the way you think you should. I decided I wanted to change that and went to Biff McCann for a facelift and later […]

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