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Fun Breast Facts

The average breast weighs 1.1 lbs. and contains about 4-5% of our body’s fat 15 years go the average breast size was 34B, now it is a 36C In the middle ages wide set breasts were the most attractive, Now days more patients like them full with an accentuated mid-line In 2010, the American Society […]

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5 Tips to Enhance Breast Cleavage

On a night out to town in our Las Vegas City of Sin, there is nothing sexier or attention grabbing than cleavage! Dr. Alexander specializes in breast surgery such as breast augmentation, lifts, and reductions. After surgery whether opting to go larger or smaller or desire a change in breast shape, one thing remains the […]

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Vitamin C & Surgical Healing

After opting to proceed with elective breast surgery, many patients ask what they can do to promote healthy healing and optimize results. With over a decade of experience, Las Vegas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Alexander, has found that a combination of a multivitamin and 1000mg or more of additional Vitamin C can help enhance your appearance. […]

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What’s Trending Now? Cosmetic Surgery Apps!

The lives of many in the 24/7 city of Las Vegas can be go, go, go! Thanks to the advancement in technology, some men and women are finding smart phones an easy way to multitask while running errands, working, or out with the family. There are apps for just about anything making it convenient to […]

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