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How to Choose the Right Plastic Surgeon

How do I choose the right plastic surgeon?

How to choose the right plastic surgeon for your cosmetic surgery can seem overwhelming. The internet is full of information but it’s important to look at the right information. This is a an important choice to make and doing your research will go a long way to helping you feel comfortable with your choice of surgeon.  Use these tips to help you find the best surgeon for you.

Choose the right plastic surgeon for cosmetic surgery

Choose the right plastic surgeon for cosmetic surgery


Choose a board certified plastic surgeon for any cosmetic plastic surgery procedures.  The easiest way to check that your surgeon is board certified is to visit the American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s (ASPS) website at  All members of ASPS are board certified plastic surgeons.


You may not know hundreds of patients personally, but now you can connect with their experiences online.  Visit Google, Yelp, Vitals, Healthgrades or Real Self (to name a few) to read about your doctor and the experiences of their patients.

Before & After Photos

Most surgeons have a photo gallery of their patient’s before and after results. Use these photos as a tool to get a better feel for the surgeons’ outcomes.  Is their approach and aesthetic similar to yours? Are your results realistic?  Use these photos as part of the discussion with your surgeon to help them understand your goals and to make sure they are realistic for you.


How long has the surgeon been performing the procedure you are interested in?  It’s nice to know if they have years or decades of experience and thousands of procedures under their belt before your surgery.  Use this as one more consideration when choosing the right surgeon for you.

Use Your Intuition

Don’t discount your gut feeling.  Once you’ve done your research, then your comfort with the surgeon, his staff and his surgical plan needs to be an important part of your decision making process.  Did you feel understood?  Did you feel comfortable asking questions?  Were you provided with answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask?

Each of us makes decisions based on different criteria but at a minimum consider these five categories when choosing the best plastic surgeon for your cosmetic surgery.

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