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Enhancing Your Breasts After Weight Loss

Weight loss, much like pregnancy, affects the appearance of the breasts. When a patient loses weight, at least some of the fat that is lost will be from the breasts.

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Gravity and excess weight have likely caused the breasts to sag prematurely, and as the underlying tissues have stretched due to the heaviness of the breast, the sagging will worsen after weight loss. Many women discover that their breasts develop a “deflated” appearance, with the bottom of the breast being fuller than the top. While this undesirable appearance can be masked by wearing a bra, many women feel uncomfortable and unhappy about their physical appearance when the bra is not worn.

While it is not for everyone, most of our patients are happy to have their breasts uplifted, made fuller, and enhanced with personalized cosmetic plastic surgery of the breasts, particularly after weight loss has resulted in breast sagging or loss of fullness.

Breast Lift Surgery

Sagging can be treated surgically with a breast lift. This procedure uplifts and tightens the glandular tissue that has dropped due to gravity and weight loss. By returning these tissues to a “perky” position, patients can restore some fullness to the uplifted breasts. This, however, may be minor and will not usually alter your bra size.

Breast lift surgery also removes excess skin. This is important for two reasons. First, excess skin on the breast may develop a rippled or puckered appearance. This is not only aesthetically displeasing, but it can lead to rashes and skin irritations beneath the breast. The second reason to trim the excess skin is to maintain the new contour. The skin should fit around the tissues and remaining fat snugly to ensure the longevity of results and an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

George Alexander Patient Image- Breast Lift before and after

Breast Augmentation

Losing volume from the breasts is common when a woman loses a significant amount of weight. Sometimes, women are pleased with this reduction; other times, the breasts are the only area where women wish not to lose weight.

Breast augmentation through the use of implants can safely restore attractive volume for women who are displeased about the loss of cup size in the breasts. Breast implants are available in many shapes and sizes so that you can restore the volume you desire.

Combining the Two

Breast augmentation by itself is appropriate for women with good skin elasticity who do not present with much ptosis (sagging). The added volume of the implant can help with a small amount of sagging; however, it cannot address significant laxity. If a woman has noticeable breast ptosis, the addition of an implant without a lift may not be as attractive. For these women, a combination of the two procedures is ideal. Performing a breast lift with augmentation will help ensure that a woman’s breasts maintain their best shape and elevation while also adding fullness.

Maintaining Your Results

Unfortunately, breast surgery is not permanent, and additional weight fluctuations, pregnancies, or lack of breast care can result in aesthetic changes. To maintain results, women should maintain a stable weight, realize their breasts will change if there are further pregnancies, and wear a supportive, correctly fitting bra.


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