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“Facial” Profiling Reveals Who You Are, or Does it?

First impressions are crucial to everyday interactions. On a job interview, you want your potential new boss to recognize your strong work ethic and positive attitude. On a date, you want your best qualities, like your friendly nature, to be revealed. A key factor in making a great first impression, as noted by research, is the way you look.

In a study of facial plastic surgery, researchers investigated whether rejuvenating procedures like an eyelid lift or brow lift would do more than achieve a younger appearance.

The Brain Takes Shortcuts

face proceduresThe fact that humans use visual cues, such as facial appearance, to collect valuable data regarding those with whom they interact is indicative of a cognitive shortcut taken by the brain. The study’s lead author, Dr. Michael Reilly, suggests that this instantaneous, subconscious profiling evolved over thousands of years, intended as a protective mechanism. We judge others’ intent toward us based on their resting facial expression, and the dynamic expression it resembles. For instance, a downturned mouth creates the illusion of sadness or anger.

Testing this shortcut, researchers showed before and after images of several women who had undergone facial plastic surgery. Participants noted finding the women more attractive and, interestingly, more likeable, than they seemed before their chosen procedure.

Plastic Surgery can Change your Look – and your Life

When you look at the findings of this solitary study, you quickly understand the value of a youthful, “happy” expression. When you are perceived as more likeable, your interactions are more positive, and you are more likely to experience success in your personal and professional life. Best of all,  you feel confident and satisfied with your appearance!

With time, many men and women notice in their own reflection a loss of volume and elasticity in the skin. This can lead to under eye bags, diminished definition in the cheeks and jaw line, heavy upper eye lids or a drooping brow, and more. Facial plastic surgery addresses these concerns in a meticulous manner that achieves beautiful, natural looking features.

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