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Isn’t Liposuction Taking the Easy Way Out?

Isn’t liposuction taking the easy way out? Should I just diet and exercise more? Many of our patients come to us asking these questions. Even though they are conscious of their diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle, they still feel like they are “cheating” when considering liposuction. Dr. Alexander feels that if diet and exercise alone can help achieve the results you are looking for then by all means continue doing these things. If, however, you have areas of your body that are diet and exercise resistant, then looking into liposuction is a valid choice.


We’ve had patients who were diligent in watching what they eat and getting plenty of exercise but still could not sculpt certain areas of their bodies. One patient was a spin instructor. She taught classes 5-6 days a week, had an excellent diet and had maintained a stable weight for years. She exercised for a living! Even with all of these great lifestyle choices, she wasn’t happy with the extra stubborn fatty tissue around her waist and on her hips and thighs. She was a great candidate for liposuction to help sculpt those problem areas which can often be due to genetics. Her expectations were realistic and we were not performing the surgery for weight loss, just to help contour. She did great and finally felt that now her body was reflecting all the hard work she was putting into it.

If this sounds like you, get more information on body contouring procedures and do your homework! The best doctor to perform liposuction is a board certified plastic surgeon. Body contouring surgery is not taking the easy way out, it’s one more step to achieving the body you work so hard for.

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