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Mother and Daughter Support Each Other Through Breast Augmentation

Mother-and-daughter-silhouetteWe all know that having a strong social support network is important to maintaining health and well-being, and the same goes for completing a successful plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure. With Mother’s Day this weekend, we are reminded that often times the most important and dependable support comes from Mom, and because of that, moms are often the primary caregiver following plastic surgery. Dr. Alexander has also had several patients opt to have cosmetic procedures alongside their mom.When it comes to plastic surgery, read how a mother and daughter support each other through breast augmentation.

Kimberley and Ashton were a mother and daughter that both came to Dr. Alexander for breast augmentation, and during recovery, grandmother Mary was their caregiver. The plastic surgery was truly a family affair and mother-daughter bonding experience. Kimberley says, “I knew that Ashton shared similar feelings with me. We weren’t 100% confident and sometimes felt self-conscious when wearing certain dresses or bathing suits. We talked and decided we would feel more comfortable having the procedure if we both did it. We wanted to be supportive of each other through the process.”

Ashton shares, “Mom and I talked about our feelings and what we wanted before we made the final decision, and once the decision was made, we both researched doctors.”

“After hearing about Dr. Alexander’s reputation and meeting with him, I was confident that he was the right doctor for me and my daughter,” says Kimberley. “He was very clear regarding what to expect, and from start to finish, his entire staff made Ashton and me feel we’d made the right decision.”

When it came time for recovery, Ashton says, “We couldn’t have asked for a better caregiver than my grandmother, and yes, I am certain that having her support and care made recovery easier. And, so did having my mom by my side.”

If you are considering plastic or cosmetic surgery, think about the benefit of not going it alone, whether that means inviting Mom along for the consultation or being sure to have a caregiver lined up following your plastic surgery or cosmetic procedure. Whether you’re interested in breast augmentation, liposuction or another procedure, Dr. Alexander has two decades of experience helping men and women in Summerlin, Las Vegas and Henderson achieve their personal best. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Alexander please call 702-242-6776.

And, whatever you do, don’t forget Mom this Sunday! Happy Mother’s Day!

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