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Nevada Woman (November/December 2004)


Why two sisters entrusted their identical look to one surgeon

Nevada Women Magazine November December 2004

Sonni Skipworth and Shelley Workman, both 50, of Las Vegas work together- just as they’ve done in a variety of jobs since they were 15. They share the same taste in fashion and admit they’re the kind of twins who enjoy looking alike. Twins are known for their mystical connection to each other; yet, these identical twins found when it came to self-image, they were complete opposites. Sonni was unhappy with her appearance. “My lower half was bigger than my upper,” she says. “I was out of proportion and I wanted to get more in proportion.” She researched having a breast augmentation and consulted her twin, who gave her a very definitive answer: no way. “I didn’t think that we needed it at the time,” explains Shelley, who like her sister was a B cup, Sonni shelved the idea and waited.10 years.

Las spring, Shelley noticed a shocking change, and confided in her sister. “This morning I looked in the mirror and my right boob dropped an inch! I don’t know what’s going on.” A grin spread over Sonni’s face. “I know exactly what we’re going to do,” she said. Sonni had considered having surgery without her sister, but hoped that they’d experience it together. That day, Shelley agreed to a consultation, and on the advice of a friend who’d had surgery with Dr. George Alexander, the twins began the process that would realign their self-image.

Both sisters were in the medical field and they were impressed with Dr. Alexander’s staff. “They were very professional,” says Shelly. “Our pre-op and post-op care was wonderful.” Upon meeting Dr. Alexander, their search for the right surgeon was over immediately. Both say is was his caring nature and the time he spent explaining the procedure in detail that made them feel ready to make their decision. “My sister wanted to go bigger that I did,” explains Shelley on how they both decided to increase their cup size. “I wanted to go pretty conservative.” After exploring their options with Dr. Alexander and his staff, they found the right style and size implants to fit each of their bodies best. Sonni, who’d waited the longest, had surgery first. “When I saw hers done. I said this is a done deal,” says Shelley, who was so impressed at how natural her sister looked. “That cemented the decision to do it.”

Today, the twins are back on track. “I feel a lot more confident in filling out tops and I have cleavage,” says Sonni. “It made me feel better about myself.” Shelly claims to walk with more confidence, where she used to slouch. “I feel more proportioned, more shapely looking,” she says. Their advice to friends considering a breast augmentation: “Go to Dr Alexander. Period, end of story,” says Sonni as Shelley adds an enthusiastic, “Go for it!”

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Read the full article in Nevada Woman (November/December 2004) here.

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