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Nevada Woman (September/October 2003)


Nevada Women Magazine September 2003

A woman who’s confident radiates vibrant energy. Yet when the mirror no longer reflects the person she wants to be, her self-esteem falters. Three women who wanted to improve their appearance consulted one of Las Vegas’ premier plastic and cosmetic surgeons, Dr. George Alexander. That decision changed their lives.


“I’m not someone who has to look perfect,” says Toni Rowan, 29 of Southern California. “I’m not an image person.” Her decision to have breast augmentation surgery three years ago shocked her friends.

After breast-feeding, the voluptuous figure she developed during pregnancy vanished. “I wanted something there,” she says. “I wanted to look female again.”

On a friend’s recommendation, she traveled to Las Vegas to meet Dr. Alexander. “He made me feel comfortable.”

Dr. Alexander delicately questioned Rowan to gain an understanding of why she wanted surgery. “He’s really caring, almost like a father would be.” Rowan still receives endless compliments from women who are startled when she reveals she’s had breast augmentation surgery. Increasing from a 32B to a 32C, her posture has improved and she walks with more confidence and loves the way she looks.

“Dr. Alexander gave that feeling to me, and forever I will be indebted to him!” she says.


“I was confident,” says 32-year-old hair stylist Melina. “It was just this one thing that was obvious.” A 32A who became a 32B while pregnant, Melina wanted the cleavage she had while breast-feeding again.

While researching doctors for her breast augmentation, she met Dr. Alexander. Impressed with his credentials- a graduate of Georgetown University’s medical school, the chief of Plastic Surgery at Mountain View Hospital and recipient of two Surgeon General Awards- what was most important, “I felt safe in his hands.” Her recovery brought a few surprises-within two days she was feeling like a new person. Her sister, who was fiercely opposed to Melina’s surgery, had the same procedure three months later. “I forget they’re not mine,” she laughs. “I just feel sexier.”

For anyone else considering surgery, Melina says to look in the mirror and say, “I’m worth it and I’m not wasting anymore time.”


“As time marches on, there’s only so much you can do at a beauty shop, with sit-ups and clothes,” laughs 55-year-old Susan, a confident Las Vegas sales executive. “Things just go south.” In sales, you only have a few seconds to make a first impression.

Unhappy with the sagging skin beneath her chin, Susan interviewed 15 surgeons to perform her face-lift. “There was no question, hands down Dr. Alexander was the one,” she says.

The combination of his background, demeanor and highly skilled staff made her feel, that “You just want to put your face in his hands. I just can’t rate him high enough.”

Undergoing an inconspicuous facelift “made all the difference to me in my life.”

Competing professionally with people 20-30 years her junior, “I feel now, they’re not looking across the conference table thinking, ‘God, when are you going to retire.'”

Dr. Alexander educates each patient by providing informative videos and printed materials, ensuring they have realistic expectations for surgery. Although good results are expected, as with any surgical procedure, there are risks involved with cosmetic surgery and results may vary. For more information on cosmetic surgery and Dr. George Alexander, call us at (702) 242-6776.

Read the full article in Nevada Woman (September/October 2003) here.

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