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Skin Care Perspective from a Staff Member

How to choose skin care products can be confusing. There are so many choices, they all tell you they are the best and the prices can vary considerably. Are the choices at the drugstore comparable to the department store? Is paying more really worth it? Here is some skin care perspective from a staff member.

For me, I tried it all. I never had great skin but approaching 30 I also began to develop adult acne. Adding insult to injury, every time a pimple cleared up it left a red spot that I had to cover with makeup. The red spots never went away no matter how expensive the over-the-counter products were that I used. My medicine cabinet was full of half used bottles of expensive and not so expensive “miracles.”

BlogPhoto5Fortunately, my miracle came in blue and white Obagi bottles. I have to admit the bottles aren’t as alluring as those from the department store but what Obagi has going for it, is that it has actual prescription strength medicine in it. In the past I didn’t mind spending the money if something would JUST work, but I could never find those products. With Obagi, I began seeing results in a few weeks and actually started getting compliments on my skin. My skin! That never happened before. I started getting comments about how the skin around my eyes looked great and that my skin looked healthy. I could also feel a difference. Putting on makeup was so much easier now that my skin was functioning properly. The best part, now at the age of 45, I’m still getting compliments on my skin.

Needless to say, I am a big fan of skin care products that you purchase from a doctor’s office. Why? If purchased through a doctor’s office, the products typically have medicines in them that cannot be sold over-the-counter in retail stores.

If you are going to spend time and money on your skin care regimen, then get the most out of it. Find the products that work for you! I promise they’re out there; you just may not find them at your local drugstore or in those pretty bottles at your favorite department store cosmetic counter. Jami – Dr. Alexander & Co. Staff

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