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Don’t Burn Your Bra Yet

After performing thousands of breast implant surgeries over two decades, Dr. Alexander has realized the importance of wearing a surgical bra during the early healing period after breast implant surgery. As you can imagine, a surgical garment is not going to be a fashion statement.  However the benefits of a proper fitting surgical bra can make all the difference in the healing and the final look of the implants.

What is a surgical compression bra?

Dr. Alexander carefully chooses a bra that provides gentle compression for safety and to promote healing from the inside. This surgical bra also holds the implants in place and right where he wants them to finally heal and settle. Throughout the healing period, patients tell us the bra becomes their security blanket and they understand the importance of wearing the bra during the time frame recommended by Dr. Alexander.

Should you really burn the bra?

After the initial healing period is over, we tell patients they no longer need to wear the surgical bra and can even be “bra free”.  When they hear this they are ready to celebrate and often jokingly say “I’m going to burn the bra”.  Okay, we understand it’s not the cutest bra you’ll ever wear and it will be exciting to go shopping for new bras, but let’s not burn that bra quite yet.  The compression surgical bra has an amazing fit that is perfect for easing back into exercising after surgery. It will truly be the work-out bra where nothing moves.  We recommend that our patients use the surgical bra until they find a good fitting sports bra they feel comfortable wearing after surgery.  The first time a woman runs or jogs after surgery, the new “bounce” from her implants can take a little getting used to.

It’s worth it in the end

Though there may be a love/hate relationship with the bra, it’s an important part of your healing. Following your surgeon’s advice after surgery is the best path to getting a beautiful surgical result. Wearing a compression bra for a small period of time really is a great trade off to having the breast augmentation results you’ve always wanted.  Don’t think of the bra as something to burn when Dr. Alexander gives you the okay to go bra shopping, instead use it to help ease into life with your new look!


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