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The New Breast Augmentation

What is the New Breast Augmentation? Dr. Alexander discusses the trend in breast implants.

I have been practicing cosmetic plastic surgery long enough to remember the time when bigger was better when it came to breast implants. Back then, my patients tended to choose implant sizes that were proportioned to their bodies, but my average implant sizes were still larger than compared to today’s sizes.

Now a more athletic and “natural” size is preferred by many patients. These women want to enhance their breast size, not drastically change them. They tell me they are choosing breast augmentation surgery to bring back fullness after having children, to add breast volume to accent their body shapes, and to look more attractive and feel more confident in swimsuits and clothing. 

The new generation of silicone gel breast implants, commonly referred to as “gummy bear” implants, makes achieving a soft, more natural looking and feeling breast possible. With a wide variety of sizes and shapes, I find it easy to help my patients achieve a beautiful and comfortable breast augmentation result that makes them feel confident and ecstatic about their outcome.

My patients and I have the same aesthetic and we are on the same page when it comes to the “new breast augmentation”. The new ideal is beautiful and proportioned breasts with a soft look and feel. The only way to achieve the best result is to personalize a recommendation for each woman’s unique goals, body type and aesthetic.

If you have wanted to explore the option of breast augmentation but thought the breast implant look wasn’t for you, consider choosing a surgeon who understands how to achieve a fit, natural and athletic look while enhancing your shape with breast augmentation.

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