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Top New Year’s Resolution

2011-year-resolution-400x400With every New Year comes resolutions, and according to the University of Scranton’s Journal of Clinical Psychology losing weight is at the top of 2014’s list of self-improvement vows. Perhaps you’ve made the decision to shed extra pounds before and despite eating healthy and exercising you still have areas that are stubborn & resistant to diet and exercise. If so, then this could be the year to consider liposuction. Maybe plastic surgery should be your top New Year’s resolution?

Keeping New Year’s resolutions and recovering from plastic surgery are both made easier with strong support, so why not consider cosmetic surgery with a loved one? Heather and Ethan are a married couple who underwent liposuction together with Dr. Alexander.

“Despite both of us having low body fat percentages, there were certain areas on each of us that just didn’t seem to respond to exercise and diet alone,” says Heather. Heather chose to have liposuction on her abdomen, hips & thighs, while Ethan opted for his abdomen & hips. Body contouring is very effective in removing deposits of fat in all of these areas.

When considering plastic surgery as a couple, Heather advises, “It is important to be open and honest with your spouse, which includes being able to speak freely about your desire to have surgery.” She also suggests that you have the surgeries within a few days of one another so you can heal together. “The benefit was that we both knew exactly what the other person was experiencing, and we each had someone to talk to about the procedure and how we were feeling post-op. It was nice to have the full support of someone who understands what it is that you are experiencing.”

As for the results, Ethan shares, “I was surprised that I didn’t have much pain at all,” and Heather boasts, “No one would ever know that I had the procedure done because Dr. Alexander did such a good job of making sure that he removed fat evenly. The results look completely natural.”

Dr. Alexander’s surgical wisdom and artistic sense have earned him the trust and confidence of countless happy patients seeking liposuction in Summerlin, Las Vegas, and Henderson. Contact Dr. Alexander & Co. to schedule a New Year’s consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon, 702-242-6776.

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