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Trend in Cosmetic Surgery – Keep them Guessing

A current trend in cosmetic surgery is to achieve natural and proportioned results. For Dr. Alexander, this has been a practice philosophy, not a trend. He believes the best Cosmetic Surgery keeps them guessing.

In the 25 years Dr. Alexander has been practicing in Las Vegas, his approach has been a natural and balanced aesthetic. With this experience, he has seen trends come and go but has maintained his commitment to listening to his patients and providing world class results that match their goals.

Dr. Alexander has always felt that cosmetic surgery enhances us, not becomes us.

  • Breast implants look best when they match a woman’s proportions and enhances her lifestyle, not hinders it by getting in the way.
  • Facial surgeries for men and women look best when it keeps other guessing about why they look so refreshed and relaxed.
  • Liposuction is best used to contour stubborn areas of the body in those that are already maintaining a healthy lifestyle with good food choices and regular exercise.
  • Nose reshaping surgery looks the best when it matches the other facial features and creates a quiet confidence in the patient.

“The best cosmetic surgery shows off you, not the surgery” is Dr. Alexander’s approach to surgery. Our patients experience the difference an experienced and caring surgeon makes to achieving the results that feel comfortable and allow them to feel more confident. Plastic surgery is technical and requires many years of training. However, training cannot teach someone to be a true listener, or to be compassionate or to have a true artist’s eye and aesthetic.

No one has a magic wand but when cosmetic surgery is performed by a caring surgeon who listens to your goals, the results can be magical.

We can’t turn back time but we can keep them guessing along the way.

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