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Tummy Tuck After Major Weight Loss

Women slim body in swimwear having arrows along her stomach and legsLosing a great deal of weight is life-changing, and it can leave you with skin and muscle tissues that lack the elasticity required to stay firm around the midsection. While most people experience some degree of “skin laxity,” especially when aging, it’s especially common after this type of major weight loss. Excessive loose tissue around your abdomen can prevent you from feeling as confident about your new appearance. However, a tummy tuck, or abdominoplasty, can address this final piece in your weight loss journey.

Skin Tightening

Your body’s new shape is likely hidden under excessive amounts of loose skin. In order to highlight your new frame, a plastic surgeon will remove excess tissue to contour your new body. During the procedure, Dr. Alexander will make an incision in your lower abdomen and lift the skin up from the underlying muscle. Liposuction or excision may be used to move excess fat, if necessary. Then, the plastic surgeon will pull the skin down, contouring it to your shape before removing the excess tissue.

Muscle Tightening

In some cases, muscle tightening may be necessary in order to regain firmness and tone in the abdomen. As weight gain occurs, the muscles stretch out and become relaxed. Due to this, the muscles of your abdominal wall may also experience the laxity seen in the skin and become unable to return to their original state after the major weight loss. In cases where it’s necessary, a surgeon will pull them into place and keep them there with permanent stitches creating an “internal girdle.” This muscle tightening will restore firmness to your abdominal wall and further tone your stomach.

Is a Tummy Tuck Right for You?

A tummy tuck with muscle tightening can be a highly effective way to regain confidence in your appearance after major weight loss. However, there are a few things to consider. While it’s highly effective at providing patients with a more firm, toned midsection, this is only true if your weight is stable. Fluctuations in weight can affect the results of the procedure, so it should only be considered once all major weight loss has occurred. As always, make sure you seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your procedure.

Major weight loss can provide you with a new lease on life. However, the accompanying loose skin and relaxed muscles shouldn’t derail that happiness. A tummy tuck can be your answer to regaining your body and your confidence. For more information, call Dr. Alexander at (702) 242-6776.




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