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What is Dermabond?

Dermabond Advanced is a topical skin adhesive usually used in conjunction with, but not in place of, deep dermal stitches that provides a secure wound closure and protective microbial barrier over a wound. In other words, it adheres the last layer of skin tissues together just like “super glue” without adding any additional stitches or steri-strip. Dermabond was also shown to add 75% more strength to the wound closure than sutures alone. The unique design and patented formulation has been shown to significantly improve patient comfort, after care and satisfaction.

Dr. Alexander uses dermabond routinely for breast surgeries such as breast augmentation, lift, and reduction. As a cosmetic plastic surgeon he stays current on using products that offer the most precise surgical outcome. Dr. Alexander has found that with normal healing using dissolvable sutures on the tissues inside and dermabond for the closure of the incision site has improved the outcome of the scars and long term result. In one study, patients rated their scar comfort significantly greater at 6 weeks and 6 months versus patients with suture alone. This included patient ratings of pain, itchiness, stiffness, scar irregularity, discoloration and irregular scar thickness.In addition to the cosmetic result of using dermabond, it also provides a microbial barrier that offers greater than 99% protection for 72 hours against the organisms most commonly associated with surgical site infection.

For many types of surgery, DERMABOND ADVANCED can help make that recovery easier and more comfortable. Schedule your consultation appointment with Dr. Alexander for recommendations specific to your anatomy!

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