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When Should You Consider Combining Liposuction With a Facelift

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Many people are aware that facelift surgery addresses the common signs of aging in the face and neck to restore a more youthful appearance. And most understand that liposuction removes fat from areas of the body, such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, etc… 

Middle aged woman relaxing at home after what could have been a facial enhancement surgery.While these two procedures do not necessarily seem as though they would go together (with one being performed on the face and the other more commonly associated with the body), these two procedures can be performed to complement and enhance the final results. 

Can Liposuction Be Performed on the Face?

When you are young, your facial contours are full and rounded. This is due to a layer of fat that keeps your face plump and your features youthful. Unfortunately, for many patients as you age, a good amount of this fat gets broken down and disappears, leaving you with an aged and hollow look. 

Since you often lose facial fat naturally as you age, it may not seem desirable to perform additional fat removal on the face. The thing to remember, however, is that liposuction is not usually performed on the facial contours. 

Instead, combining these two procedures addresses another area: the neck.

Why Would I Want to Include Liposuction With My Facelift?

Most facelift procedures address the lower two-thirds of the face as well as the neck. 

The neck ages at the same rate as the face; however, many men and women often feel that their neck appears much older than their face does. 

A neck lift is commonly performed with a facelift to address sagging skin and vertical banding on the neck. And liposuction surgery can be performed in that area.

Getting Rid of a Double Chin

Submental fat is the pocket of unwanted fullness that sits beneath the chin.

Some people are born with a double chin. Others develop fullness after weight gain. And, still, some see their double chin form as they age as the facial tissues sag towards the jawline and chin.

Liposuction of the neck and even jowl region, targets submental fullness and excess fat in the jowls to sculpt a more angular chin, neck, and jawline.

How Is Liposuction Performed on the Neck?

Even though the neck is a much smaller contouring area as opposed to body contours, liposuction on the neck is performed in much the same way. 

A small incision is required beneath the chin, and the facelift incision is used for excess jowl fat. Excess fat cells are suctioned out through a hollow tube known as a cannula. 

The removal of these fat cells results in the minimization and often elimination of a double chin and a more youthful jawline.

Should I Consider Combining These Procedures?

Not everyone that desires facelift surgery has submental fullness or excess jowl fat. Therefore, not every facelift patient is a candidate for liposuction. However, for patients with both sagging tissue on the lower face and excess neck or jowl fat, this combination can enhance the quality of your results by creating a natural sculpted and angular contours.

Want to Know More About Liposuction and Facelift Surgery? 

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