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Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)

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Abnormalities and/or a lack of development in the ears can affect their shape and protrusion, causing them to become overly prominent. This often has a negative effect on a person’s overall facial appearance and creates embarrassment in social settings. To correct deformities of the ears and restore a more attractive appearance to the face, Dr. George Alexander performs otoplasty at his Las Vegas practice.

What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty, also known as “ear pinning,” is a surgical procedure designed to improve the appearance of the ears by reshaping their framework and placing them in a more aesthetically pleasing position.

Otoplasty can effectively improve:

  • Protruding ears
  • Overly large ears (macrotia)
  • Dissatisfaction with a previous ear procedure

Candidates for Otoplasty

Although otoplasty can be performed on patients of all ages, the ears must be fully grown before surgery, which usually occurs by the age of five. Candidates for the procedure are in good overall health and feel self-conscious about the appearance of their ears. Although otoplasty is a very effective procedure that produces great results, patients should have realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure.

Otoplasty Procedure

Otoplasty is typically performed on an outpatient basis with the patient under general anesthesia. After the extent of correction is determined, Dr. Alexander makes inconspicuous incisions in the folds and creases on the back of the ears. Dr. Alexander sculpts the cartilage into the desired appearance and then sutures the ears to their new position until the healing is complete. Dr. Alexander then wraps a bandage around the head to cover the ears in order to ensure their new position and aid in healing.

Recovery for Otoplasty

Although there may be some discomfort following the procedure, prescribed medication will alleviate this symptom. Dr. Alexander will change the bandages a few days later with a new dressing that will need to be worn for one to two weeks. Most patients can return to school or work and resume their normal activities about a week after surgery, but they should avoid any strenuous activities for at least four weeks. As always, following Dr. Alexander’s postoperative instructions will make for a safe and swift recovery.

Results from Otoplasty

The results from otoplasty will be seen immediately after the bandages are removed and continue to improve over the coming weeks. The final results from this procedure are expected to be permanent. Most scars on the back of the ears are virtually unnoticeable and will continue to fade over time. Most patients are very happy with the improved appearance of their ears, which boosts their confidence and self-esteem.


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