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Male Plastic Surgery

Male plastic surgery is growing in acceptance and popularity with each passing year. The time has finally come when men feel comfortable admitting that improving their physical appearance is important to them—even if that improvement is made through the use of cosmetic procedures.

Male plastic surgery is a general term used to describe cosmetic treatments that target facial aging and body insecurities and are tailored to the male patient. Men can pick and choose from a variety of procedures to best fit their aesthetic needs.

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Popular Male Plastic Surgery Procedures


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Your recovery period will depend on the procedure (or combination of procedures) that you undergo. BOTOX® Cosmetic does not require much in the way of recovery, and men can return to their normal schedules the following day, if not the same day. Surgical procedures typically require one to two weeks of downtime with an additional two to four weeks of activity limitations.

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Scars will form at the incision sites for all surgical procedures. Dr. George Alexander puts meticulous care into the placement and closure of these incisions to minimize scarring. He uses advanced, scar minimizing plastic surgery techniques. Almost all scars fade with time and can be improved by keeping the incisions out of the sun and applying silicone strips and gel if you feel they are necessary.

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The cost of your male plastic surgery will vary depending on factors such as the applied techniques, anesthesia fees, certified facility fees, and surgical fees. Dr. George Alexander will provide you with an accurate cost estimate during your consultation that will include a breakdown of the expenses involved.

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Surgical procedures often result in some discomfort; however, many describe their post-surgery pain levels as manageable and less than they expected. Dr. Alexander often uses a dual anesthetic technique, which provides outstanding comfort. Prescribed or over-the-counter pain medication, cold compresses, and compression garments are all instruments to enhance comfort during your recovery.


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