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Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss in Las Vegas

Achieving an attractive appearance can be a daunting task after losing weight. There’s no guarantee that you’ll end up satisfied with your appearance, even if you maintain a healthy diet and consistent workout regimen. This is often due to hanging skin that remains following weight loss.

Men and women of all ages seek out Dr. Alexander for his expertise in performing post-weight-loss plastic surgery. Whether you want to get rid of excess skin, stubborn fat, or reveal your hard-earned muscles, cosmetic surgery may provide the results you seek.

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What Are My Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss Options?

What Are Your Concerns Concerning Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss?

Post-operative recovery times will vary dramatically depending on your chosen procedure. Here are some general guidelines on how most recoveries tend to progress. Your plastic surgeon will provide a more personalized timeline for your recovery during your consultation.

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Immediately After

A compression garment may be worn over or around the treated areas. Swelling and mild to moderate pain may occur, which can be minimized with prescription medications.

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2 Weeks After

Most patients feel good enough to return to work within a week or two, although physical activity and exercise is discouraged.

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4-6 Weeks After

Light exercise is permitted as your results become more apparent. Strenuous physical activity may be resumed gradually for most patients.

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6-12 Months After

The full results of your treatment will be visible at this point. Residual swelling may linger around incision points. Scarring should begin to fade.

Frequently Asked Questions About Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss

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