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Meet The Staff

Throughout his 20+ years in Las Vegas, Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Alexander has attracted a talented group of professionals to work with him. The staff represents the high standards Dr. Alexander has for his plastic surgery practice.

Our staff is committed to superior and personal customer service and patient care. We are excited for you to meet the whole team when you visit us.

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Meet Our Staff

Meet Dr. Alexander

Meet Dr. Alexander

Dr. Alexander's goal is to deliver the best surgical care and results to all of his patients. But he knows a plastic surgeon is only as good as the staff behind him.

Each member of Dr. Alexander's office and surgical staff is highly qualified and dedicated to providing the best patient experience. He selected his staff for their knowledge and experience concerning medical operations and surgical procedures.

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Meet Jami

Meet Jami

Since the start of the practice, Jami has guided and befriended countless women and men through their procedures at Dr. Alexander & Co. Jami walks patients through the consultation and surgery process before and after their meetings with Dr. Alexander. She answers questions and provides patients with a sense of what to expect. Jami assists patients in scheduling their surgical procedures and pre-surgical appointments. This service extends far beyond a patient's initial visit.

"My main objective is to ease our patients' concerns so they can fully enjoy the positive results that await them after surgery."

Meet Anita

Meet Anita

Anita has been counseling Dr. Alexander's patients on their surgical procedures since the practice opened. Anita stays in tune with the changing world of cosmetic surgery by attending numerous industry seminars and panel discussions throughout the year. She continues her education every year so she can better assist patients.

Anita is available by phone during office hours to answer additional questions that may arise after a patient's consultation.

"It's important to me to have every patient fully understand their procedure; this way, they can make sound and confident choices. Together we'll review before and after photos and educational materials, schedule their procedure, and discuss what they can anticipate before and after surgery."

Meet Joanne

Meet Joanne

Joanne, our staff nurse, is as bright as she is compassionate. Whether you're preparing for surgery or recovering from a procedure, she is there to ensure you are comfortable and confident every step of the way. With many years of experience, it’s plain to see that she loves what she does. Her knowledge and warm bedside manner make her a wonderful member of our team.

“A big part of wellness includes feeling good about yourself, and if I can be even a small part of that for someone, it truly makes my day!”

Meet Madison

Meet Madison

Madison, our medical assistant, is an exemplary choice to be a part of our team. Her compassion and attentiveness are a perfect complement to our customer service-driven environment. Madison’s main priority is to make each patient feel understood and deeply cared for from the moment they walk in. She plans to pursue her Physician Assistant Degree.

"It is truly an honor to be under Dr. Alexander’s leadership because it has widened my knowledge in direct patient care, which prepares me to provide a pleasant experience for my own patients one day.”

Meet Hannah

Meet Hannah

Hannah will greet you when you arrive and wish you well when you leave. Her cheerful demeanor coupled with her ability to multi-task creates a seamless patient flow. She receives patients with pleasure and hospitality, making them feel welcome and at ease.

“Outstanding customer service is the key to making everyone’s first impression a lasting impression.”

Meet Andrea

Meet Andrea

Andrea is passionately focused on providing assistance to patients during their surgery-scheduling process. She is adaptable and motivated, which reflects her willingness to make patients’ surgery journey a smooth sailing one!

“To stand by such a reputable surgeon with distinguished credibility, I have witnessed the undeniable impact Dr. Alexander has had on his surgical patients.”


How Did Dr. Alexander Get Started?

Dr. Alexander arrived in Las Vegas in 1994 and immediately knew he would call this city his home. When he got there, he began his three-year residency as Chief of Plastic Surgery of the Mike O'Callaghan Federal Medical Center.

In 1998, he opened his own plastic and cosmetic surgery private practice and began putting together his team. Since then, while some staff members have come and gone, his team has maintained the core qualities and values he sought in the first place. Dr. Alexander emphasizes that each staff member places patients' needs and comfort first.

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Stay in Touch!

We Believe in Giving Back to Our Community

Dr. Alexander believes that community involvement is a necessary part of his practice. Every year, Dr. Alexander participates in these and other community events and charitable projects.

Dr. George Alexander

Annual Bra Drive for Project 150

Skills and Outstanding Patient Care

Every February, we conduct a bra drive to help Project 150, a charitable organization for disadvantaged, homeless, and displaced high school students in our area. Each year, we continue to surpass our goal of bras donated every year.

Learn more about project 150 and how you can help.

Founder of the Winged Heart Award

Dr. Alexander founded the annual Winged Heart Award in 2013 to honor a nurse, medical non-profit, and first responder who have made a difference in our community in the past year.

This award is given during the annual Board Installation & Awards Ceremony of the Clark County Medical Society (CCMS). Dr. Alexander is a former president of CCMS.

Dr. Alexanders Office

A top Plastic Surgeon, Dr. George Alexander, serving more happy patients in Las Vegas, the United States and Internationally.

Dr. Alexander & Co.

1725 Village Center Circle, Suite 150
Las Vegas, Nevada USA | (702) 242-6776

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