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Breast Reduction

While having full and voluptuous breasts is often considered desirable for many women, those with overly large natural breasts may consider them burdensome. The weight of heavy breasts can cause back and neck pain, deep grooves in the shoulders, skin irritation, and difficulty with exercise. Breast reduction surgery can reduce cumbersome breasts to a more manageable size and restore a more proportionate appearance to a woman’s bust. Award-winning George Alexander, MD, FACS, FASLM, FAACS, is a triple board-certified Las Vegas plastic surgeon with extensive experience performing breast reduction procedures that complement each patient’s unique anatomical needs and deliver world-class cosmetic results.

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The Breast Reduction Process


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After being wrapped in the appropriate dressings and briefly observed, patients can go home. Patients should stay home at least one week and be very limited activity-wise. Many patients may drive after the first week. Lifting and housework are not permitted for at least four weeks to allow for optimal healing. Light walking is recommended to promote circulation, but strenuous activities and exercises must be limited for at least four weeks. Dr. Alexander gives patients thorough aftercare instructions that reflect their unique procedure during their first consultation and reviews more in-depth at their pre-op appointment.

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Some scarring can be expected after breast reduction surgery. However, Dr. Alexander utilizes the most advanced surgical techniques and is careful to place all incisions in inconspicuous areas so they can be concealed with clothing. Most scars are likely to fade over time.

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Dr. Alexander has earned multiple board certifications and has over 20 years of experience performing breast surgery. He applies his profound knowledge and skill as well as his understanding of both art and science to each procedure to provide patients with results that are entirely customized to their individual needs.

The total cost of a breast reduction varies case by case. Some factors that influence the price are the techniques used, surgery length, anesthesia fees, and surgical costs. Dr. Alexander uses only the most qualified anesthesiologists and certified outpatient surgery centers as well as the highest quality surgical supplies for the safety of his patients. An accurate price for your personalized procedure will be calculated during your initial consultation.

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Dr. Alexander uses a dual local anesthetic technique to provide patients with a comfortable surgical experience. Medication may be prescribed for pain management if needed during the recovery process. After the first 48 hours, the discomfort should begin to resolve steadily.


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