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Breast Augmentation

Las Vegas breast augmentation specialist, Dr. George Alexander, M.D., F.A.C.S., provides his patients more attractive and fuller breasts by performing breast augmentation surgery with implants. Dr. Alexander has over 20 years of experience and extensive skill in breast augmentation, and he and his highly trained staff are dedicated to putting patient safety and care first. Throughout his career, he has been trusted by other doctors and their families as their plastic surgeon. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Alexander is a foremost authority in breast augmentation surgery and has been consistently selected as one of the best plastic surgeons in Las Vegas time and time again by his peers and patients.

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Breast Implant Options



Full recovery typically takes several weeks, but most patients can return to work after the first week. It is important to follow all of Dr. Alexander’s instructions and avoid strenuous activity to ensure a smooth recovery process and optimal results.


Dr. Alexander uses the most advanced techniques of plastic surgery to minimize scarring. As with any surgery, there is a risk of visible scarring; however, both periareolar and inframammary scars are relatively inconspicuous with normal healing and tend to fade over time.


Over 20 years of experience and multiple board certifications make Dr. Alexander uniquely qualified to perform your surgery. Over the years, he has performed thousands of breast augmentation surgeries. Just like fingerprints, no two breasts are the same. Dr. Alexander creates results based on each patient’s unique needs and goals. He has enhanced a variety of different breast sizes and shapes, and patients appreciate the value of this experience.

The cost of breast augmentation depends greatly on the techniques used, anesthesia fees, surgical facility fees, and implant choice. Dr. Alexander’s staff will be able to provide you with an exact amount following your breast augmentation consultation.


Patients experience less discomfort with long-lasting medication that Dr. Alexander administers during surgery. Typically, initial discomfort lasts 48 hours and gradually decreases each day. Post-surgery pain can be managed with oral medication. Dr. Alexander will recommend the pain management medicine that is best suited for you.


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A top Plastic Surgeon, Dr. George Alexander, serving more happy patients in Las Vegas, the United States and Internationally.

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"Dr. Alexander and his staff are all accommodating and friendly. Dr. Alexander takes time to really address your concerns and questions. He is an awesome doctor. We highly recommend him to anyone in need of cosmetic surgery.” five star rating

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