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Ear Surgery

Prominent or misshapen ears can distract from other features and disrupt facial harmony. Men and women with abnormal or protruding ears often feel embarrassed about their appearance and may wish to have more attractive ears that complement their facial anatomy. With his aptly trained surgical staff at his side, esteemed plastic surgeon George Alexander, MD, FACS, can reshape a patient’s ears and restore their self-confidence. Dr. Alexander is a leader in the field of plastic surgery and performs ear surgery (otoplasty) to provide his patients with the pleasing facial aesthetic they desire.

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Your Ear Surgery Journey


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A few days after surgery, Dr. Alexander will remove the bandages and replace them with a new dressing that must be worn for one to two weeks. Most patients are well enough to return to work or school after the first week of recovery, but strenuous activities must be avoided for at least four weeks. Following all postoperative instructions will help make the recovery process swift and safe.

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Although Dr. Alexander applies the most modern plastic surgery techniques during all of his procedures, there is always a risk of visible scarring. However, ear surgery scars are small and tend to fade over time.

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Dr. Alexander has completed extensive training in plastic surgery and possesses multiple board certifications. Throughout his 20-year career, he has performed countless breast, body, and face procedures customized to each of his patients’ unique needs.

The total cost of ear surgery depends on several factors, including technique, anesthesia fees, and geographic location. The price of your procedure will be calculated during your consultation with Dr. Alexander.

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Dr. Alexander gives his patients an intravenous pain medication during surgery to ensure long-lasting comfort after the procedure. Most patients report a significant decrease in discomfort 48 hours after surgery. Dr. Alexander will recommend pain medication to take at home until the pain dissipates.


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