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Breast Implant Exchange

In our experience, breast augmentation patients tend to be some of the happiest patients. Over time, some women who have enhanced their breasts with breast augmentation may wonder what can be done to further enhance how their breasts look and feel. The breasts change over the years due to lifestyle choices, the natural aging process, poor healing, implant settling, or implants just wearing out. Equipped with a thorough knowledge of modern surgical techniques and anatomy, George Alexander, MD, FACS, is a highly sought after leader in his field and is regarded as one of the top plastic surgeons in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is a consistent award-winning and board-certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Alexander performs breast implant exchange to treat these imperfections and deliver beautiful world-class results.

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Breast Implant Exchange Options


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While full recovery can take up to six weeks, most patients can resume working after one week. Aftercare instructions, along with a personalized recovery timeline, will be provided during the consultation. Patients may engage in aerobic exercise four to six weeks after surgery, as advised by Dr. Alexander.

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Surgery will result in scars, but Dr. Alexander creates all incisions precisely and uses advanced techniques to minimize the appearance of scarring. If suitable, he utilizes the same incision location that was used during the previous surgery. Fortunately, scars tend to fade and blend into the surrounding skin as time passes.

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Dr. Alexander has over 20 years of experience with breast surgery and possesses multiple board certifications. Because every patient has unique anatomical needs and aesthetic goals, Dr. Alexander develops entirely customized surgical plans to deliver world-class results. He uniquely combines both art and science to provide the best results for each patient.

The cost of breast implant exchange surgery varies depending on many factors, including implant type, surgical technique, and anesthesia fees. You will receive an exact price after discussing your expectations during your consultation.

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Pain will be minimal if the implants are only replaced. The discomfort after implant removal or capsulectomy is similar to that of breast augmentation. Over the last decade, Dr. Alexander has implemented a dual local anesthetic technique that has improved patient comfort considerably. Any post-op pain should be controlled with oral medication prescribed by Dr. Alexander. The bulk of discomfort is experienced during the first 48 hours of recovery and then steadily decreases in most patients.


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“The entire staff at Dr Alexanders office were AMAZING!!! From start to finish, the staff showed the utmost professionalism and care for me. They expressed the most sincerity, kindness, compassion and comfort that I have ever experienced. This was my second breast augmentation. The first was with a doctor in Canada, and let me just say, that I did not know that I could have the experience that I had with Dr Alexanders office UNTIL NOW!! I would refer anyone to them, because I know that they would be in the best hands. They were a wonderful team, and I appreciate them dearly.” five star rating

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