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Breast Lift

Women who have sagging breasts due to previous pregnancies, breastfeeding, genetics, or aging can benefit from breast lift surgery. This procedure can also improve the appearance of the nipple-areolar complexes by repositioning or reducing them. Patients who decide to undergo breast lift surgery can enjoy perkier and more youthful breasts that give them an enhanced sense of body confidence. Award-winning and triple board-certified Las Vegas plastic surgeon George Alexander, MD, FACS, FASLM, FAACS, possesses a unique understanding of art and anatomy and applies cutting-edge surgical techniques to deliver world-class breast lift results.

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The Breast Lift Process


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Patients will go home in light dressings after a brief observation period following their procedure. Work and light activities can be resumed after one or two weeks, and aerobic exercise can be continued after six weeks. Dr. Alexander will provide complete aftercare directions that include physical limitations and other instructions that are individualized during the consultation appointment to provide the best results.

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While most surgeries result in scars, Dr. Alexander places all incisions meticulously and utilizes modern breast lift techniques to minimize the visibility of scarring. Scars also tend to fade and flatten over time until they are nearly imperceivable.

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With over 20 years of breast surgery experience and multiple board certifications, Dr. Alexander has the unique and extensive knowledge and skill to deliver award-winning personalized breast lift results to each patient. By combining both art and science, he produces world-class results that complement his patients’ individual frames and aesthetic desires.

The cost of breast lift surgery depends on many factors, including the surgical technique used, time spent during surgery, and anesthesia fees. Dr. Alexander insists on using only the highest quality surgery centers and anesthesiologists for your safety and well-being. He also insists on only using the best surgical supplies down to each suture. An exact price will be calculated for you during the initial consultation.

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Dr. Alexander implements a dual local anesthetic technique to provide patients the most comfortable experience possible. He additionally will prescribe medication should post-op pain occur during the initial stages of recovery. The first 48 hours are typically the most uncomfortable, but the pain should subside steadily afterward.

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