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Facelift Surgery

Maintaining a youthful facial appearance becomes increasingly difficult over time due to the natural aging process. As conditions like fine lines and wrinkles worsen with age, facial skin begins to sag and unwanted creases form. Facial rejuvenation creates a smoother appearance in the midface, lower face, neck, and jawline by removing and repositioning sagging skin and muscle tissue. Facelift surgery can effectively tighten sagging skin and diminish the appearance of wrinkles on the lower face and neck to restore a more youthful aesthetic.

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Benefits of Facelift Surgery

Dr. Alexander’s “inconspicuous facelift” may improve the following: sagging cheeks, deep creases from the nose to the corners of the mouth, or “marionette lines”, loose skin in the lower face, displaced fat deposits in the neck and jowls

Facial rejuvenation procedures are highly individualized for each patient based on age and appearance. Dr. Alexander personally reviews your goals and uses his extensive expertise to tailor an individualized surgical plan just for you!

Complementary Procedures

Various surgical techniques can improve the appearance of the aging face. Complementary procedures provide a balanced and harmonious facelift result in the upper, mid, and lower face as well as along the jawline by removing and repositioning sagging tissue. Dr. George Alexander will evaluate your natural facial characteristics to discuss the best options to achieve your goals.

  • Eyelid Surgery

    Eyelid surgery addresses:

    • Droopy eyelids
    • Deep creases around the eyes
    • Lower eyelid puffiness and under-eye bags
    • Impaired vision due to hanging skin in the upper eyelids
  • Forehead Lift

    A forehead lift can correct:

    • Droopy eyebrows
    • Creases between the eyes
    • Horizontal wrinkle lines on the forehead
  • BOTOX® Cosmetic

    BOTOX® Cosmetic is a non-surgical treatment that can effectively improve:

    • Wrinkles on the forehead
    • Frown lines between the eyebrows
    • Wrinkles on the outer corners of the eyes



Immediately After
Medicated ointment is placed over the incisions, and the face and neck are wrapped in soft gauze to reduce swelling and bruising.

2 Weeks After
You will likely feel well enough to return to work, but strenuous exercise and physical activities should be avoided.

4 Weeks After
You will be free to resume light activities, and you will start to see the results of your “new look.”

1 to 2 Months After
Your results will continue to improve over the coming weeks and months


As with any surgery, there is a risk of visible scarring; however, the scars are placed in inconspicuous areas and tend to fade over time.


Over 20 years of experience and multiple board certifications make Dr. Alexander uniquely qualified to perform your surgery. The cost of facelift surgery depends greatly on the techniques used, anesthesia fees, and extent of surgical correction required. Dr. Alexander’s staff will be able to provide you with an exact cost following your facelift consultation.


Patients experience less discomfort with long-lasting numbing medication that Dr. Alexander administers during surgery. Typically, initial discomfort lasts 48 hours and gradually decreases each day. Post-surgery pain can be managed with oral medication. Dr. Alexander will recommend the pain management medicine that is best suited for you.


  • When will I see the final result of my facelift?

    As the post-operative swelling goes down, you will see some improvement in your overall facial structure. The final results will become visible after a few months. You can expect your youthful appearance to be long lasting, but it will not last forever. Normal aging will resume, and genetics also have a lot to do with how you will look years down the road. Some patients benefit from further enhancement over time depending on skin type, environment, and hereditary factors.

  • How long after surgery may I return to work?

    Recovery time varies from patient to patient, but most patients can return to work a couple of weeks after facelift surgery. Many can resume normal activities after three to four weeks of recovery.

  • At what age can I undergo facelift surgery?

    There is no set age for a facelift. Many patients today are having a facelift when early signs of aging appear. Further enhancement may be beneficial to maintain a gracefully aging appearance.

  • What are the potential risks associated with facelift surgery?

    Complications after facelift surgery are uncommon. Some of the possible risks associated with any surgery include:

    • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
    • Hematoma
    • Infection
    • Scarring
    • Numbness
    • Unsatisfactory results
  • Do I have to quit smoking before undergoing facelift surgery?

    Yes. Smoking disrupts the healing process and can lead to post-op complications. If you really want to get the best results, stop smoking completely and stay smoke-free after surgery to heal as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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