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Breast Implant Rupture

After a breast augmentation procedure, some patients may experience a rupture or leak of a breast implant. A rupture occurs when there is a hole or tear in the implant shell, through which the silicone gel or saline solution filler can begin to leak. According to the FDA, it is important to undergo breast implant exchange or removal as soon as is feasible after a rupture is detected. This will help preserve the integrity of the breast pocket and minimize the risk of complications. Award-winning George Alexander, MD, FACS has been one of the top plastic surgeons in Las Vegas, Nevada for over 20 years. He is highly experienced in treating ruptured saline and silicone breast implants with world-class results.

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About Breast Implant Rupture

  • Implant Rupture by Type

    Saline Implants

    Saline implant rupture can cause the implants to deflate rapidly as the salt water leaks into the breast pocket and is absorbed, resulting in a “flat tire”. If your saline implants rupture, it is typically noticeable within a few hours or days. While the body can safely absorb the saline fluid, it is recommended to have the implants removed or replaced as soon as possible for the best long-term results.

    Silicone Implants

    Patients with ruptured silicone implants may notice some changes in the appearance or sensation of the breasts. However, most silicone implant ruptures can be detected with an MRI scan. It is recommended to schedule MRI appointments three years after surgery and every two years thereafter to check for signs of the implant wearing out and needing to be changed.

  • Causes of Implant Rupture

    Ruptures can occur with any breast implant. The two most common causes of breast implant rupture are as follows:

    • Implant aging and wearing out
    • Blunt chest trauma
  • Treatments

    If your breast implants have ruptured, you may need to undergo breast implant exchange surgery to treat your ruptured breast implants. Depending on your cosmetic goals, you may have your ruptured implants replaced or removed altogether during this procedure. In cases where a patient has capsular contracture or hardening of the scar tissue, capsulectomy may also be performed.



The length of your recovery will depend on the type of surgery that is performed to treat your ruptured breast implants. Typically, a full recovery takes six weeks, but most patients feel well enough to resume their daily activities after one week. Dr. Alexander will provide aftercare directions that detail activity limitations for your unique case.


If you choose to undergo a breast implant exchange procedure, Dr. Alexander may utilize the same incisions that were placed during the original breast augmentation to reduce the risk of additional scarring. However, it is often best to use inframammary incisions for optimal results.


Dr. Alexander has gained over 20 years of breast surgery experience and earned multiple board certifications. He applies his vast knowledge and surgical expertise to devise entirely personalized procedures for each of his patients to deliver the best results.

The overall price of ruptured breast implant treatment depends on various factors, including the surgical technique, anesthesia fees, the severity of a patient’s condition, anticipated duration of surgery, and whether new implants are placed or not. An exact cost will be calculated for you during the initial consultation appointment.


Patients who undergo treatment for their ruptured breast implants can expect some discomfort following corrective surgery. Dr. Alexander uses an advanced dual anesthetic technique which patients have stated provides superior comfort after surgery. The physical ailments that stem from implant failure should be significantly reduced after recovery, and any post-operative pain can be managed with medication.


  • How will I know if my breast implants have ruptured?

    During a private consultation, Dr. Alexander will evaluate your condition and potential symptoms of implant rupture. Some cases may necessitate an MRI scan for a more accurate assessment of the implant before a diagnosis can be determined. After implant failure has been professionally diagnosed, a customized surgical plan is then created to address your needs.

  • Why do I need to treat my ruptured implants?

    It is important to have ruptured implants removed or replaced because they can cause the following complications if left untreated:

    • Gel migration (silicone implants only)
    • Seroma
    • Infection
    • Breast pocket deformities
    • Scar tissue formation
  • Will my breasts appear deflated if I choose to have my ruptured implants removed without replacement?

    Removing your implants without replacing them with new implants may cause the breasts to sag, like a balloon that has deflated. Those who have their implants removed without replacement may opt for breast lift surgery to restore their bust to a perkier aesthetic.

  • Do I need to replace my ruptured breast implants with the same type of implant?

    No, it is not necessary for patients to replace their ruptured implants with the same type of breast implant. Dr. Alexander will review current implant options with you.

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