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Constricted breast abnormality is a common breast irregularity found in both men and women. While present at birth, the full extent of the tubular breast deformity or constricted breasts are often not appreciated until puberty. During this time the breasts start to mature and the full extent of development starts to appear. Specifically in women, a constricted breast irregularity tends to shorten the distance between the areola and the base of the breast. Some may appear elongated or tubular in shape or the areola may seem overly full. The extent to which the abnormality manifests can vary widely, but many seek the assistance of plastic surgery to enhance their breasts.

For a mild condition, a breast augmentation may be sufficient treatment. Adding a saline or silicone breast implant to the area may help release the tight constriction on the inside. This may result in the nipple to mound relation more proportioned for a more desirable size and shape. Other women with more moderate to severe symptoms may appreciate additional procedures. This may include combining a breast implant with a breast or nipple lift. The lift has the benefit of moving the areola higher on the breast, or reducing the areola size. This helps center the nipple on the mound or keep the nipple to skin ratio balanced for overall aesthetic harmony.

Dr. Alexander is a board certified plastic surgeon that specializes in breast surgery. More information on tubular and constricted breasts is available by contacting our office. However, more personalized information is available while at your consultation appointment with Dr. Alexander. He will provide you with his expert opinion and recommendation for the breast enhancement best for your anatomy. Call us today at 702-242-6776 to schedule your consultation appointment at his Las Vegas office!

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People often criticize themselves the hardest and when it comes to deciding what cosmetic plastic surgery procedure is best for you, the old saying we are our own worst enemy could not be more true. It is very common to misdiagnose and research a few extra procedures you often do not need. To ditch the confusion and slash hours spent in front of the computer, here are the answers to some of Dr. Alexander’s most common breast questions from his Las Vegas patient’s.

Q: Do I need a breast lift?

A: There are certain factors that qualify a woman to be a breast lift candidate. Breasts will go through changes throughout your lifetime specifically with gravity and as you age, but also if you experience pregnancy, or weight changes. Some breasts will stay firm and perky, but most lose volume and start to sag. The degree to how much your breasts will change is different for each woman.  A decrease in volume and slight skin laxity often confuses many women to think they need a lift. For women who have good nipple position, a breast implant often does great in restoring volume and provides an uplifted appearance. If your nipple is pointing down or is below your inframmamory crease, then a breast lift may be the optimal procedure to improve the nipple position and tighten the skin. There are multiple measurements Dr. Alexander will obtain at your consultation appointment to determine what procedure will benefit you the best.

Q: Is breast lift plastic surgery my only option for perking up my sagging breasts?

A: A bra is helpful when you are wearing clothes, but when you are out of clothes, there is currently no way to keep your breasts “magically floating” in that position. Breast lift surgery is an excellent procedure to enhance saggy breasts. There several types of breast lift surgery. An experienced plastic surgeon will be able to assess you and recommend a breast lift technique that is best for your specific anatomy.

Q: Can a breast lift and implant be done at the same time?

 A: For the right patient, and in Dr. Alexander’s hands breast lift and breast augmentation can safely be performed at the same time. This cosmetic duo is typically performed on women who would like an enhancement in shape and an increase in cup size. After thousands of breast surgeries, Dr. Alexander has found that the combination of both procedures tends to result in a more perky, youthful and attractive breast.

A mastopexy, more commonly known as a breast lift, raises the anatomical breast and nipple placement by removing excess skin. It also helps tighten the surrounding tissue, firms and tones the skin to reshape and support the new breast profile. Breast lift surgeries must be custom tailored for each candidate to treat a particular amount of breast sagging criteria. The common deciding factors used to determine the best surgical approach include the degree of sagging, nipple position, supportive tissue, skin condition, breast shape and size.

There are several ways to perform the mastopexy procedures, but most common are the full breast lift and the concentric lift. A full breast lift may help women with moderate to severe breast and nipple sagging. Despite the incision, women who undergo the full mastopexy feel restored and more youthful with their shapelier curves! A concentric lift is primarily beneficial on women with little sagging to the breast, but poor nipple placement. Sometimes a concentric lift is used for a patient who suffer from large nipple size, or to raise one nipple sitting substantially lower than the other.

For all procedures, and this one specifically, experience matters. Breast enhancement is a specialty of Dr. Alexander. At your consultation appointment, Dr. Alexander will educate you, take specific measurements, and with your goals in mind, give you a personalized recommendation to give you the best aesthetic balance.


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