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Category: Breast Augmentation

Can I Have a Mammogram With Breast Implants?

2 Minute Read:  Many women with breast implants wonder if they can still undergo routine mammograms, or if their implants will make it impossible to detect potential problems.  The answer to this question is a simple and emphatic YES! Mammograms are the most commonly used form of imaging to detect breast cancer early, and they […]

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Three Reasons to Plan your surgery Now

Las Vegas weather heats up   One of the reasons we all love living in Las Vegas is the warm weather. Our springtime starts sooner than many other places in the country. Often, we are in pools as early as March.  Don’t wait too long for surgery. You need time to recover and be healed enough to […]

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Breast Implant Recall

You may be aware of some recent news stories about the FDA recommending a voluntary breast implant recall. The breast implants being recalled are a Biocell textured surface breast implant manufactured by Allergan. I would like to reassure you that for approximately 20 years, I have recommended and used primarily smooth surface implants. Smooth surface […]

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Breast Augmentation: What Are My Options?

Many women want to enhance the appearance of their chest with breast implants. Whether your breasts are naturally small or have changed size due to significant weight loss or pregnancy, breast implants can provide you with the breasts that you desire. Breast augmentation is very customizable, and you have the opportunity to make specific choices […]

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