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Category: Breast Lift

Enhancing Your Breasts After Weight Loss

Weight loss, much like pregnancy, affects the appearance of the breasts. When a patient loses weight, at least some of the fat that is lost will be from the breasts. Gravity and excess weight have likely caused the breasts to sag prematurely, and as the underlying tissues have stretched due to the heaviness of the […]

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Is Breast Lift Surgery Right for You?

Women experience a number of unique situations that have an impact on their overall physique. Pregnancy, childbirth, nursing, and weight loss are just a few that can alter the size and shape of the breasts. Often, the changes that take place lead to feelings of dissatisfaction and, sometimes, frustration. If your once-firm and perky breasts […]

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Questions to Ask your Breast Lift Surgeon

A woman’s breasts often change over time, losing their youthful shape and firmness. These changes and loss of skin elasticity can result from weight fluctuations, pregnancy, aging, gravity, heredity and more. A Breast lift can rejuvenate drooping, sagging breasts by trimming excess skin and tightening supporting tissues to achieve an uplifted, firmer contour. Sometimes the […]

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Beat the Sagging Saga

As women age, the upper part of the breast loses volume and skin elasticity. The combination of the two may result in breasts that appear slack and cleavage that is less full. We all known we can’t stop the hands of time, but how can we beat the sagging saga? If you’re still in your […]

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