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Category: Plastic Surgery Advice

5 Reasons for a Winter Surgery

The 5 Top Reasons to have Cosmetic Surgery in the Winter You can be Under Cover!  The cooler winter weather in November and December provide the perfect “cover” to your cosmetic surgery.  The sweaters and clothing layers we wear often hide swelling or new additions to our body that we aren’t quite ready to reveal […]

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Preparing for Plastic Surgery

Prepare for your Plastic Surgery The idea of undergoing plastic surgery should not be a random spur of the moment inspiration. Patients do best when they are properly prepared. Dr. Alexander gives specific recommendations before and after surgery for your safety, comfort and to optimize healing and results. Below are a few guidelines to consider when planning […]

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Ready to stop living your Own Groundhogs Day?

Do you remember the 1993 movie with Bill Murray? If you do, then you know that he every morning he wakes up and the same thing happens over and over again. He’s desperate for his day to turn out differently but instead he does and says the same thing every day. So be honest, how […]

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Why choose a board certified plastic surgeon?

Plastic surgery involves many choices. The first and most important is selecting a surgeon you can trust. Finding a physician who is board certified in plastic surgery is key. Selecting a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon ensures that you have selected a physician who: Has completed at least five years of surgical training with a minimum […]

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