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Dad Bod Makeover

What is a Dad Bod Makeover?

Most of us understand why Mommies may need a Mommy Makeover after having children. A woman’s body goes through significant changes of the breast and tummy that can make them feel less confident after kids. Dads also go through some changes when the family starts to grow. Their new Dad Bod often leaves them with extra fat around their middle and chest areas. Men tell us they aren’t as active as they were before the kids came along. With a family now, it just doesn’t feel like there’s enough time to spend on exercising.

A Dad Bod Makeover is often Liposuction to the abdomen and sides (love handles), and sometimes to the chest area.  These areas are often diet and exercise resistant as we get older and many men benefit from body contouring to help feel more confident. Liposuction can remove stubborn fatty tissue. Men and women often experience long term results if they continue a healthy diet and exercise program.

father with his child on a beachSurgery Healing fits in with a Busy Lifestyle

Liposuction recovery often fits into our busy work and family life allowing patients to heal while still taking care of their responsibilities. Both men and women find that cosmetic plastic surgery can help put their bodies back to “pre-baby” condition and feel more confident with their partners too.

Cosmetic surgery is safe in the hands of an experienced, well qualified and caring surgeon.  Dr. Alexander is a triple board certified and award winning plastic surgeon. He has over 20 years of surgical experience in Las Vegas and provides world class results.  He is a trusted surgeon of other doctors and their families. Experience really does matter!

If you feel your Dad Bod is keeping you from feeling your best, consider body contouring liposuction with Dr. Alexander. To find out more, contact our office with any questions or to coordinate a personalized consultation appointment with Dr. Alexander.

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