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How Does a Facelift Improve Your Appearance?

There are plenty of television commercials and magazine articles that focus on ways to counteract the aging process, but do you know what’s causing you to look older? The short answer is gravity pulling down on the facial muscles and a loss of elasticity of the skin. Together, these common side effects of aging can contribute to your drooping or wrinkled facial appearance. Over-the-counter creams and other at-home methods of facial treatment may help hydrate the skin, but they do not produce significant facial rejuvenation results.

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To counteract these issues and revitalize his patients’ facial aesthetic, award-winning Dr. George Alexander has found good candidates have been happiest with facelift surgery. Dr. Alexander enjoys hearing his patients’ stories after their surgery. One of his elderly patients recently got carded to be sure she was actually a senior. Another 47-year-old woman recently got carded at the roulette table, in Las Vegas, to be sure she was old enough to be there. This tried-and-true cosmetic procedure is designed to revive and restore more youthfulness to the face. But how does a facelift improve your appearance?

Highlighting Beauty, Not Changing It

A facelift should reverse the signs of aging and restore a more youthful appearance without completely altering a patient’s characteristics. Dr. Alexander’s “inconspicuous facelift” has resulted in world-class results. As an expert facial surgeon, he seeks to maintain the natural contours of your face and follow your existing anatomy to highlight your beauty. Contrary to popular belief, procedures like facelift surgery shouldn’t sculpt or change the overall shape of your face. Instead, facelift surgery, at its best, is designed to lift sagging tissues and rejuvenate the facial skin.

What a Facelift Targets

  • Sagging skin that creates unsightly jowls
  • Drooping facial muscles
  • Wrinkles along the cheeks and mouth
  • Sometimes sculpting excess fatty tissue or filling in deep facial creases with advanced techniques

When to Combine a Facelift With Other Techniques

A facelift isn’t the only facial rejuvenation technique available for patients who desire overall improvement. Because aging isn’t always concentrated in one area of the face, combining modern advanced techniques is common. During your consultation, Dr. Alexander will evaluate your facial aging changes as well as your facial structure to determine which technique or set of procedures most of his patients, similar to you, have been happiest with. Other common procedures combined with facelift surgery include:

A consultation is an important process in determining the best type of facial procedure for you. For more information about facial rejuvenation surgeries or to schedule your consultation with a board-certified surgeon, contact Dr. George Alexander today by calling 702.242.6776.

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