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Ideal Facelift Candidates

Nobody likes to admit they are aging, but our faces can slowly betray us. Facial aging affects everyone, and if you live a lifestyle that involves alcohol consumption, sun exposure, and poor nutrition, visible aging might affect you sooner than you’d expect. Even if you take precautions and live a healthy lifestyle, environmental factors and genetics can cause signs of aging to develop early on. Luckily, we improve facial aging with non-surgical treatments and surgery.

Close-up Of A Surgeon Correction Drawing Lines On Young Woman Face For Plastic Surgery

If you have moderate to severe forms of aging that are beyond just wrinkles, then you might want to consider facelift surgery. Dr. Alexander’s patients have said that his facelift technique can provide beautiful, natural-looking results when performed on the right candidate. Is that candidate you?

Ideal Facelift Age

There is no minimum age you should be to undergo a facelift; we see people as young as their early 40s who have benefited from a facelift surgery. What we look for when choosing a facelift candidate isn’t their age but, rather, the quality of their skin and amount of sagging that has occurred. Additionally, we must be safety-focused when performing surgery on older patients. We make sure all of our patients are in good health before undergoing surgery.

Types of Facial Correction

Choosing a candidate with the right facial issues is the most important step in achieving ideal results. We consider patients for facelift surgery if they have one or more of the following problems:

  • Sagging of the lower face from the cheeks to the jawline
  • Wrinkles around the nose and mouth
  • Excess skin accumulation that creates jowls

Scheduling a Consultation

Dr. Alexander will help you decide if you are an ideal facelift candidate during your consultation. He may recommend a different set of procedures or combining techniques with your facelift to achieve comprehensive rejuvenation. The goal is to choose a treatment that best suits your needs and looks the most attractive. Matching the right candidate with the right surgical techniques can make a vast difference in the quality of your results.

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