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Why You Might Want a Breast Implant Exchange

stack of breast implantsHaving the ideal bustline is essential for women who undergo breast augmentation. Breast implants are considered to be long lasting, provided that no complications or changes in personal preference occur that may require surgical attention. You may want to consider undergoing a breast implant exchange if you relate to one or more of the following:

Change in Size Preference

Sometimes a patient’s size preference and beauty trends will change over the years. For example, larger breasts were quite popular in the 1990s, but smaller, more sporty breasts have taken the spotlight in recent years. At some point, you may decide that you would prefer a smaller or larger set of implants, and that can be achieved with a breast implant exchange.

Change in Implant Type Preference

Silicone implants were unavailable for many years, but when the FDA determined that the new generation of silicone implants were safe, many patients opted to have their saline implants exchanged for more natural-feeling silicone gel implants. Both saline and silicone implants have their pros and cons. Your surgeon can help you choose the best implant option for your goals.

Capsular Contracture

After breast augmentation, a scar tissue capsule forms around the new implants. Some patients experience capsular contracture, which occurs when an excess of scar tissue forms, making the breasts hard and misshapen. To treat this problem, your surgeon will need to replace the implant and remove or adjust the surrounding scar tissue.

Implant Rupture

When saline implants rupture, they leak quickly, causing the breasts to appear noticeably deflated, like a flat tire. Because the silicone gel in silicone implants is thick, it is unlikely to leak out; however, if your implants have been in for a long time or if your breasts have been subjected to tremendous force, it is a good idea to have your surgeon examine you and consider breast implant testing. If your implants are found to be ruptured, they should be removed or replaced during a breast implant exchange surgery. Schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon about your options and to create a personalized surgical plan to meet your needs and goals.

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