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What Is the Average Cost of a Tummy Tuck?

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Most prospective plastic surgery patients want to know one thing about their procedure over everything else: the cost. It can be frustrating to see widely varying estimates, seemingly random pricing, or even no price at all.

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However, since the price of plastic surgery procedures varies, we will discuss what these different prices mean, the various components of a price estimate, and how to determine the average price of a popular procedure: the tummy tuck.

What Do Plastic Surgery Costs Mean?

When you look up the average price of a tummy tuck, you may get vastly different numbers depending on the site. This is because some averages only consider part of the overall cost, without the other fees that go into a procedure. 

Here are some of the fees and additional costs associated with plastic surgery and what they mean:

  • A surgical fee is what you pay your plastic surgeon for their service. This price varies depending on the plastic surgeon’s level of skill and experience with the procedure, the nature of the procedure itself, and average surgical fees in the geographical area where they operate. 
  • Anesthesia fees refer to the cost of the anesthesia used during the procedure and the cost of administering it. This varies depending on the type of anesthesia used, be it local or general. With tummy tuck surgery, the typical option is general anesthesia. Anesthesia fees may also vary based on the type of provider administering your anesthesia. For instance, Dr. Alexander uses board-certified anesthesiologists (physicians) and not nurse anesthetists or other types of providers.
  • Facility fees depend on where the procedure takes place. If your plastic surgeon operates out of a surgical facility, this fee is often less expensive than if they operate out of a hospital. This also depends on whether you have to stay overnight after your operation.
  • Medical tests are sometimes performed before surgery to ensure you are in good health.
  • Prescription medication fees are another factor, especially if your procedure is considered more invasive and you need prescription pain relievers for your recovery period.
  • Compression garments are also necessary, especially with procedures such as a tummy tuck, which ensure your body heals properly and the area is protected and kept intact. 

How to Determine the Cost of a Tummy Tuck in Las Vegas, NV

Dr. Alexander provides transparent pricing for popular cosmetic surgical procedures for his patients to help you better determine what you can expect to pay. 

While it’s impossible to give a specific quote before a consultation, Dr. Alexander’s pricing includes fees many other estimates do not provide. This is to communicate honestly and maintain the patient’s expectations so you can better plan your procedure with no surprises later. 

It’s also important to consider the tummy tuck variation used for your tummy tuck. Not every person is the same, just as not every procedure will be exactly the same. You may desire a more or less extensive procedure for your tummy tuck than another person. 

At Dr. Alexander & Co., you have different options for your tummy tuck, including a mini, full, and extended abdominoplasty procedure.

If you are considering a tummy tuck, it’s always best to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon who maintains the highest standards of excellence and patient care. Your choice of plastic surgeon should always consider skill and experience before cost.

 Dr. Alexander has served the Las Vegas area for over 20 years, perfecting his skill in facial, breast, and body plastic surgery and taking pride in the care he provides each patient.

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