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Understanding General Anesthesia

Here at Dr. Alexander and Co. you will find that Dr. Alexander himself, and his staff, are dedicated to educating you about your surgical and non-surgical options beginning with your initial telephone call. We find it very important to teach our patients every aspect about their desired procedure to make them feel confident about making an informed […]

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Most Common Breast Lift Questions

People often criticize themselves the hardest and when it comes to deciding what cosmetic plastic surgery procedure is best for you, the old saying we are our own worst enemy could not be more true. It is very common to misdiagnose and research a few extra procedures you often do not need. To ditch the […]

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Breasts in Balance: Mastopexy

A mastopexy, more commonly known as a breast lift, raises the anatomical breast and nipple placement by removing excess skin. It also helps tighten the surrounding tissue, firms and tones the skin to reshape and support the new breast profile. Breast lift surgeries must be custom tailored for each candidate to treat a particular amount […]

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Breast Augmentation Myth Busters

Myth: Implants correct sagging Fact: If you are experiencing mild sagging, a breast augmentation can help achieve a more uplifted look by inserting an implant and increasing the volume of your breasts. The extent to which they are lifted fluctuates between each individual. However, most patients can appreciate the improvement in their new breasts. For […]

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The Great Implant Debate: Saline or Silicone

Since 1992 and up to about five years ago, patients did not have a choice between using saline or silicone implants. At that time saline implants were the only FDA approved implants and some silicone implants were used for trial studies. In 2006 after extensive research, the silicone gel implants were FDA approved and since then […]

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Breasts & the Female Form

Mankind’s essential nature shows a history of seeking self-fulfillment through body alterations that date back to the B.C. era. More specifically, the breasts have been of high importance to culture, society, and the modern, scientific and artistic world. Breasts are a natural yet, an intriguing body party with multiple functions. The female mammary gland is […]

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Breast Augmentation Incision Location Options

One of the most important factors to consider when undergoing breast augmentation surgery is the incision site. After the type of breast implant has been chosen – saline or silicone gel filled – the entry location must be determined. During an appointment at my Las Vegas practice, we can discuss your options and a personalized […]

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Safety in Breast Augmentation

Women who are interested in undergoing breast augmentation surgery are often concerned about the safety of their procedure. As a board certified plastic surgeon, I am constantly up to date with the latest safety guidelines and regulations. Patient care and safety is of utmost importance at my Las Vegas practice, which is why there is […]

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Breast Implant Exchange Las Vegas

Women who have previously undergone breast augmentation may eventually consider further breast enhancement. They may want to change implant size, change the type of implant from saline to silicone, or replace a deflated implant. These are common reasons why patients choose to undergo breast implant exchange surgery with me in Las Vegas. Breast implant exchange […]

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Experience Matters – Breast Augmentation Las Vegas

If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, I strongly urge you to carefully research your plastic surgeon. Although it is an elective procedure, breast enhancement is an invasive surgery that should be taken seriously. Those who visit my Las Vegas practice to gain information regarding breast augmentation will learn that experience matters when choosing a […]

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Silicone vs. Saline Breast Implants Las Vegas

Women who are considering breast augmentation must take various aspects into account prior to surgery. One of these being breast implant type – saline or silicone gel filled. At my Las Vegas practice, I take the time necessary to carefully discuss the options available with my patients. Because each person has unique anatomy and desired […]

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Breast Implants Las Vegas

Breast augmentation surgery is one of the most popular procedures in the United States; according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), there were over 300,000 patients who underwent this procedure in 2009. This surgery is also very popular in Las Vegas, where I have performed thousands of breast enhancements over the past […]

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